Sunday, 16 January 2011

January the 16th.....

A very good Sunday....

We had an "old" Irish friend for lunch,
"Strohwitwer" (grass widower) at the moment.....
talked about the good days in Dublin..

Lunch carried on until nearly 4 o'clock !

...and then I had to rush out to catch the light....

wild plum tree

our oldest walnut tree

I love our trees without leaves...they are like 'statues'

Judas tree

View to the East

Late afternoon sun shadows - playing with the olive trees

The 200 year old Yew tree, today without snow!

*** five o'clock they still went on chatting along....

"D'you remember Jem?..."Do I remember???...will I ever forget!!!" was about time for a good Irish Malt Whiskey..

"As I remember Dublin.....'s just the ghost of dear old Dublin in my tears....
.....No, I can't forget old Dublin in my tears....

....Fare well to dear old Dublin" 

...and one Malt more for the road.


View to the West


Simply a very good Sunday!


Remark: "Dublin in my tears" from THE DUBLINERS 
For many people THE DUBLINERS are the true symbol of Dublin.
Through their humour and song over the last 30 years, 
they have given Dublin and its music a special place in the hearts of the people of Ireland.
They have spread the city's fame and songs to all corners of the universe. 


 Photos taken today between 4 and 5 o'clock with my 'non-professional' camera,
the light was just incredible! 



  1. Hello Karin,
    It was great to read your lovely post both here and on the wine- beautiful images as always and so much you share..thank you!! will mail soon as promised..take care Colette x ~Afrique du Sud

  2. You have some beautiful views and love your stone patio. Isn't it fun to simply sit back and just enjoy the moment?

  3. Hi Karin! That Yew tree is incredible. Thank you sharing your Sunday! I almost felt like I was there! XO Trish

  4. You were here Trish! In my thoughts.
    And this yew tree is the King of the garden!