Saturday, 26 March 2011

Garden work - making progress

The Bay shrub on Tuesday...

 now nicely shaped the way I like it...

cuttings from Rosemary, Salbei, Lavender, Bay....twigs...and....and...
looks like part of a florist shop

sorting out what to keep to distribute throughout the house

using the old florist zinc buckets...

...which I painted to give them a more 'sophisticated' look

Oskar - who else!
...apart from following me allover around - pretty useless!

the aromatic smell of the bay and herbs - a 'knock-out'!


The Peaonies....The Peaonies....

sprouting like mad..
...all happened during the last few days
and this one developed already some buds - far too early!

these 'early' tulips now fully blooming

 Cherry tree and blue sky

semi wild Lilac tree....

Everything is so exiting - and I can walk bare feet!


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Garden work

Since Monday....
deep blue sky and bright sunshine!
Our garden is crying for attention!

 Weeks ago only for a few days we were able to do some gardening,
now, finally it's dry and warm enough to make "tabula rasa"!

While inspecting and making a list what has to be done.....
made quickly some 'shots' and enjoyed all the new fresh green and blossoms
 appearing during the last few days.  And our black birds singing.........
Just as they all like to say: "We're so happy to have you back"!

Here we go...

The 'black' bamboo has taken over..

Forsythia is growing into the porch...

The Chinese grass needs urgently to be cut, 4 weeks late!

Sorting out the herbal border....

Rosemary has to be 'cleaned' up

Pruning the olive trees....

before they grow into the sky...

More grasses to be cut....

need a step ladder to get this Viburnum tinus laurustinus in a nice round shape

Yes - it's spring!

sprouting and flowering everywhere...

Viburnum carlesii

wonderful 'jasmin-like' perfume....

...filling the whole area around it

the bay shrub needs to get in shape, made a start weeks ago.....


 messy corners have to be cleared...

getting rid of all the old leaves- here around the evergreen Fatsia japonica

don't know where to start!

Best to attack the grasses....

the Chinese one at the front is done!

While having a break...
 Oskar appeared...looking at what I'm doing, thinking there could be some fun...
so, we stroll together around, enjoying this beautiful spring day

found a tiny little wild Orchid....hiding in a corner

My early flowering tulips...

...soon in full flower, maybe by tomorrow??


 One of the Hellebores - fully 'developed'

evergreen Osmanthus burkwoodii

The 'Chinese Beauty' tree peaonie with lots of shoots

and first buds...

so exiting!

can't wait.....


evergreen Olearia delavyi growing into the tree peaonie


Camelias - badly hit by the hard and long winter...


another tree peaonie..

...with first buds


Back to work...

...and cutting

Just before I made a start....

I discovered the little cow slips that my husband left for me when he was mowing the grass, knowing that I love them!  Very thoughtful!

in German we call them "Himmelschluesselchen"  - "little heaven keys"!

so, I cut carefully around to keep some

Apropos the lawn mowing....

This supposed to be an English lawn....?

No chance!  We have an army of moles - I guess they are 'Marines', so though! 
They whole place feels like undertunneled, and we cannot get rid of them.
Tried over the years everything.  Even Oskar gave up!
And in Germany they are under "Nature protection" - would you believe!

Back to the grasses...

first one is done

attacking the next one..

somewhat difficult with Oskar who wants to play....

These grasses are so though - hard work - like cutting wood!

and a lot of new shoots - really 4 -5 weeks late!

second one is done....the last one has to wait - and tiding up as well.
My hands and arms look like I went through a jungle!

Are you bored?  I am and so is Oskar....he really wants to play now!

"Come on Mummy - get me up the tree"....

What a beautiful view!

Pulsatilla - in German "Kuechenschelle"  (kitchenbell)
a 'must' in every German farmers garden


Every gardener knows that we very much depend on the weather.
So, I'm sorry, the foreseen posts about my trip to Germany have to wait.

Best wishes to all of you for a sunny week!

A bientôt - Karin

P.S. Since January I cannot leave a comment to any blogs where 'word-verification' is required.
But expecting a 'specialist' on Friday who will - hopefully - sort out this problem.