Monday, 29 August 2011

After the Storm

"Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are legitimate.
They are trying to take you airborne, above the storms,
if you only let them"
William James


The most perfect Summer rainbow 

right over La Pouyette

  'somewhere over the rainbow...
...skies are blue'

"To me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle"
Walter Chrysler

Best wishes for a good and positive start to this week!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Chiner... Hunting....

In Provence - South of France

with Karen from 'Pas grand-chose'   here

I really do recommend that you visit her blog
because of her very interesting and wonderful traveling reportages
throughout Europe, South Africa and...and....and...

'Brocante-ing' in the Provence

in Isle-sur-la Sorgue

'catching the atmosphere'


In the USA
with Laura  here 

I very much like her 'snap shoots' and the feeling and love for...

...interesting objects, creating arrangements... still lifes.

And a real pleasure for me...
...just for a change... see...

... American pieces!


"A summer visit to Country Road Antiques".....

with  'Blooming Rose Musings'   here


En tour with...

Martin, Trinidad and Johan

from 'Atelier de Campagne'  here



'more schlepping'

'packing and loading'

'signed - sealed - and happy'

Arrived safely....
(image by Trish from Trouvais)

...and displayed for the Container sale

(image by Trish from Trouvais)

"The art of brocante-gathering" .....

...and creating the look
by Johan

(image by Trish from Trouvais)


Should you intend to go to a brocante or antique show over the weekend -

image by Trish from  Trouvais

To all blogger friends
my apologies for being so much behind with commenting on so many posts.
As things are calming down here I hope to read all and catch-up during the next week.


We pray for everybody living in New York and the East coast
and hope that this terrible hurricane 'Irene' will be as 'kind' as possible.
 God is with you all.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Yearly August Brocante our small town Riberac last Saturday

early morning...

 .....chiner - chiner.... - hunting-hunting...

lots of collector pieces...

old books and catalogues

beautiful old siphons 

something for the children

rough and rustic Tables d'atelier

maybe he's waiting for...

...her to be dressed ???? have a little 'outing' on the countryside..


collection of storage jars

Barbotine d'huitres

Barbotine d'asperge

enameled stuff...

vintage linen - of course!



Any kind of furniture...

a typical Périgordian farm table in cherry wood,
for me somewhat over-restored.

not all that old and 'pepped-up' with grayish paint..


In the afternoon we had 44 degrees!!! Rather hot, mildly spoken

very laid-back and not unhappy at all !

let's move on....

newly made metal pieces...
vintage fauteuils

another linen stand

cristal glass ware from the 1940's  to 1960's

a small Empire commode in walnut to restore

Chandeliers, not very old

The stand of Gerard, one of my good dealer friends - rather 'chic' and smart...

 every piece is restored, ready for immediate use and moderately priced.


one of a pair of 19th Century terra cotta roof finials

a large salt storage jar 

more collector pieces

and amongst all the brocanteurs - the Colonel!

This yearly Brocante is still a very charming and old fashion French country brocante.
Nothing pretentious and not too many new pieces and copies;
 only 6 Km from where we live, very comfortable!


And here just a few of my finds...

Fishermen netfloats,

a very large old mushroom basket in perfect condition...

...and I was very lucky to find...

...nice old glass jam jars...

...which are real collector pieces.


A beautiful Sauciére, late 19th to early 20th century in perfect condition

with a very decorative monogram  AB


A Drap (over sheet) in fil de lin with a very large monogram in the size of  14,5" x 8,5"

and with a superb embroidery


Oyster baskets from Ile d'Oleron,

2 large storage jars in terra cotta
for salt

and oil


a charming tabouret  (stool) in Louis XVI. style, early 20th century
which will look very good when recovered with old linen;

3 lovely small cream jars,

two from the 19th century and the middle one around 1900.


I hope that you all enjoyed this little brocante tour!

A bientôt