Tuesday, 15 February 2011

There are flowers in bloom...


one of our Hellebore's has decided to bloom!

Helleborus niger

Trying to find these for next year:

'Helleborus hybridus  greenish-white'

'Helleborus hybridus - green'


'Helleborus exatro rubens'


A bientôt


  1. Seriously jealous!

    I'm looking forward to our blooming...maybe in the next month. !

  2. Sind das Christrosen?

    Jedenfalls sind diese wunderschönen Pflanzen ein Lichtblick im Februargrau!


  3. Ok Karin, you might have a little barn jealousy but I have a huge flower jealousy working here and you have a bee! I won't see any flowers except the store bought kind for three more months! And I'm cold too....ugh!

  4. Dear Karin, What do you mean, finally? Finally is not for another 2 months in this climate. But I do have all of the Helleborus for which you are looking. Wish I could send you a few little plants. Don't know if it is legal.

  5. hooray!! finally arrived to be a member of this wonderful blog!! not easy that was, but : i wanted to be there and succeeded!

  6. Tasiaa: Ja, das sind sogenannte Christrosen, so-called christmas roses.
    Normally my ones blooming in January, but this year....

    Und was ist schon normal in this world....

    lieben gruss nach Franken - karin

  7. Oh, these are beautiful! It's so exciting seeing plants come alive in spring...particularly after snow!

  8. Such stunning photos - I especially love the greens and purples. No signs of spring yet here in grey, damp England, alas. And thank you for showing your exquisite nearby chateau in an earlier post - a glimpse of a life one can only dream of!