Saturday, 12 February 2011

"Liebe auf den ersten Blick" - A lovely Chateau

'Love at first sight'

It is 27 years ago during one of my early visits to the Périgord
that I first saw this Château nearby us and fell in love with it.

The Château was built during the 17th and 18th Century
and is a fine example of the great Classical mansions in our area.


It looked unlived  in and I tried to find out what has happened.
I learned at that time that it belongs to an elderly woman 
with a goat farm which was close to the Château.
Locally she had a reputation for being rather eccentric.
And the Château, in all its crumbling state,
was for sale at around 4 to 4,5 million Francs (less than 700 000 Euros),
a large fortune at that time.

Whenever I passed it, I fantasised about living there, but......

The Château in the early 1990's

As the years past it was slowly but surely crumbling away until it seemed that suddenly
windows broken, shutters missing or hanging off and walls collapsing.
The whole place was in a sorry state.  Nobody was interested in buying it and
spending another large fortune on restoring and maintaining this Château.

Finally it was bought about 10 years ago by, it is rumored,
a very rich company, definitely French.
Luckily, the lady in charge of all the work that had to be done
was determent to ensure that every detail
of what had to be repaired and replaced was authentic.
Lime stone finials, shutters, doors, windows, roofs, facade, outside walls,
floors, panelling and so on......

facing  East, Northeast

facing  West, Southwest

It now looks like it was originally,
just nicely faded which restores its charm.

I love it even more!


The Romanesque church, L'Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption,
situated next to the Chateau, dates from the 12th Century

Le portail roman possede....

des chapiteaux sculptés d'animaux fabuleux

de figures géométriques

et de feuillage


The hamlet of  four - five houses close to the Château
looks all the happier now.

Bon weekend!

All photos my own 


  1. Have you gone into the chateau yet? You've got to get in somehow!

    You live in a very beautiful area.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Yes, I was very shortly in the Chateau a few years ago, but.....
    It's another story.

    And yes, we live in a special area, that's why I never feel the need for traveling.

    Have a lovely weekend

  3. What a beautiful Chateau. Thank goodness someone is living in it and loving it again!

  4. Ok Karin! Those shots and the lighting were gorgeous..... Now I have a job for you..... You have to figure out how to get IN there!!!! Maryanne;)

  5. Dear Karin, You have outdone yourself. The photographs are stunning. I especially like the close-ups.
    Will you tell us the rest of the story? Please.

  6. You live in a part of France where there are so many amazing properties. These are great pictures, I love the way the ploughed fields goes right up tot the château wall - very feudal!
    Now we ave to know how you got in there?

  7. So Beautiful! Glad the story had a happy ending and someone realized the potential and had the financial backing to take on such an awesome project! You definitely need to tell us the story of your previous entry...and then of course do what you can to take us inside....just lovely!
    Blessings and Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. What a beautiful restoration with a sympathetic aging technique that keeps it looking ancient. Karin, you're so lucky to live with all of that history around you!

  9. Makes your heart go pitter pat looking at such beautiful images.

  10. Thanks for the visit and that you will follow my blog!
    I can well understand that you fall in love in this castle, I did too - it's absolutely beautiful!
    Lovely blog you have, look forward to following it.
    Wish you a great week!

  11. Mange Tak Lene!

    Welcome to my blog and I certainly like your one!

    Greetings to Scandinavia

  12. Very impressive photo's Karin! They make me want to go and visit this castle straight away, they've done a beautiful job. And your photo's are always spot on! Thank you! Anneke

  13. Thank YOU Anneke!
    Well my Dear, we can try to visit, but you might be disappointed! Lets see....

    Lieben Gruss

  14. I'm very happy for the Chateau it has been not allowed to dye and is now stands proudly with all its glory! Very beautiful! Wished I had 'neighbors' like that!

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