Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Finally signs of Spring!

Last Sunday...

...we had one of our amazing sunsets.

The following morning, yesterday, a beautiful sunrise...


bathed the Bamboo and our guest house;

and across the valley on the opposite ridge to us
the landscape reflecting a golden light.

 By midday deep blue sky and temperature was nicely rising.


basking in the warmth,

...disguising himself as a log of wood,

while I'm inspecting some of the "winter-damage" in the garden,

pleased to see something not effected..

like the evergreen honey suckle...

...the first buds of the Camelia,

our winter-flowering Clematis,

and this kind of Sedum which just about survived....
(is it a Sedum? not sure)

Suddenly I hear in the distance this wonderful sound !
Rush to get my camera...

First flock of cranes.... (in German we call them "Wildgaense"  - wild geese)

...coming from their winter quarters in the South,

circling on a thermal over La Pouyette  (like every year!)....

...and planning their onward formation....

...heading North with joyful cries.  I just love that sound !

There is no doubt - spring is really around the corner.

And I have now to tackle the garden!


...tidying up everything....

or - maybe - just sitting for a minute or two beside the pool... 

dreaming of summer while the temperature today by 16:00 went up 
in full sun to 18 degrees Celsius, fantastic!


A bientôt


  1. O yes - spring is in the air!

    Eine herrliche Einstimmung auf den Frühling, den wir alle herbeisehnen.

    Oskar *mimikriert* ganz köstlich!

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Just gorgeous!

    I am green with envy as I bundle up in the 20 degree F air and knee deep snow. At least we have sunshine today-yeah!

    They ARE sedum. Can't believe they lived outside all winter!


  3. Ahh, you have greenery, I’m a tad jealous. What a beautiful valley you live in, love how you captured the fog/mist. Your kitty Oskar is cute but he couldn’t find a more comfortable place to nap? He does look cute in his various positions napping, cats, ya gotta love them! And your geese, I can't wait for ours to come back that always says spring to me!

  4. Incredibly beautiful scenery and the geese, they're amazing! It looks as though you have as much work outside as I do! But it's pleasant work in spring. Oskar is loving the warmth; my little dog always finds a sunny spot on the carpet inside when it's cold.

  5. Gorgeous! I just love those first hints of green. They really stir my soul.

  6. What a wonderful home you have, just beautiful property. My little dogs, Bono & FiFi, love sitting outside in the warmth of the sun. So sweet.

  7. Wonderful! Our signs of spring in NYC are still pretty non-existant, but I'm there mentally...just waiting for Mother Nature to catch up!

  8. Thank you Karin for sharing these absolutely lovely images and making me escape to your beautiful country for a while..love the winter clematis .. isn't it interesting how you are waiting for the sun and we are looking forward to cooler weather and some rain..love Colette~Afrique du Sud