Saturday, 5 February 2011


                      ...which can be pleasantly surprising

  Historical authenticity combined with startling realism

Inspired by Mariano Fortuny

'Asian influence'



Artist and designer Isabelle de Borchgrave
 creates unique and exquisite paper dresses evoking high fashions
from the courts of the Medici to the legendary Fortuny silks of the early 20th century.

She cuts, folds, glues, and paints her paper costumes and objects with imagination
and exceptional mastery, creating the illusion of lace from Bruges,
Renaissance-era brocade, and delicate silk a la Pompadour.

The book  Paper Illusions  by Barbara and René Stoeltie
does the full justice to de Borchgrave's magical workshop,
where humble art materials are transformed into shimmering
visions of beautiful clothing and luxurious living.

All images from Paper Illusions - ABRAMS  (Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York)


Bon Weekend !


  1. Very cool! I am a great Fortuny admirer.

    Isabelle's attention to detail is amazing!

  2. This is so extraordinary! thank you once again for a fascinating post Karin.
    xo Colette

  3. Amazing work and beautifully presented!

  4. Charming Post, Karin. Love the detailed close-up shots.

  5. OMG I just received this book last week and I love it! I have been following Isabelle de Borchgrave forever and have always loved her designs in textiles, paper, you name it she does it! Such an amazing talent and I’m head over heels for those paper gowns!

  6. Thank you Karin,
    Beautiful artful post, I love seeing beauty all around us in an artful way.

    Thank you for your visit to my place of peacefullness.

  7. These are simply stunning works of art, beautifully photographed. Thanks for introducing me to de Borchgrave - I'm going to look for that book now!

  8. Love your blog and posting! The unforgettable Pulp Fashion exhibit, is now on display at the Legion of Honor in SF. I saw it yesterday and still reeling from this astonishing beauty and brilliantly detailed work of Isabelle de Borchgrave.