Thursday, 10 February 2011

"pottering a'round...."

     with garden pots and playing with them

19th Century French resin pots from the pine forests
of the Les Landes region in South-West of France, near the Atlantic coast



I love the differently faded colors.....


the crackled remains of the resin


Old seedling pots, suitable and decorative for all kind of display....
here on a 1950's plant stand...

and here - just for fun


Pots everywhere! its about time to get all ready


Vintage English terra cotta pots



Old German rhubarb pots
(both images from LANDLUST - Maerz/April 2010)

new rhubarb pot


Old English rhubarb pots
(image Tina Pasco - info see below remark)


Got to go back to gardening!

A bientôt...

The image of the 'old English rhubarb pots'
is from:  Tina Pasco - Esprit du Jardin, Kent UK
Tel: 01227 722151

For all German speaking readers:
"pottering" or to potter means:  herumwerkeln
Auf Plattdeutsch sagt man "puettschern" (Puett = Pott)


And by the way...
this morning I had exactly 5000 visitors in total since I started blogging in December!
Will drink a toast to the blog world - CHEERIO!  


  1. Dear Karin, I love your pots, especially the Rhubarb pots. I know of a famous florist shop in New York City who send out scouts to find old and used and discarded Tera Cotta pots in old barns and garages.
    Congratulations on your 5k.

  2. Lovely images Karin...and you KNOW which one I like best!!
    xoxo Colette~Afrique du Sud

  3. Those pots are to die for!
    And in such lovely settings. I would treasure them.

    It looks more like spring is coming soon. Seeing green is nice, as we are still white and gray here.


  4. Hallo Karin!
    Ich freu mich auch schon wieder aufs Herumwerkeln. Dazu ist es mir momentan aber noch zu kalt!

    Liebe Grüße!

  5. I love old pots and have never heard of rhubarb are they used?

    Congrats on your 5000; I'm lucky if I get 1000!

  6. I love pitch pots and have many like you, they don’t even need anything in them to look amazing! The pots themselves have great form and I’m always looking for ones like that but unfortunately they’re tough to find in the States. So what are you going to plant up? I have never seen the old rhubarb pots, loving those!

  7. You're so clever at putting together vignettes of colours and objects. Love those first resin pots and of course the rhubarb pots. We never see rhubarb forced like this in France

  8. Hi Sharon,
    thanks for your comment. I never saw any rhubarb at all here at our local markets (Périgord)!
    Unfortunately, would like to have a rhubarb-tarte from time to time.
    Greetings to Normandie