Thursday, 17 February 2011

Coming up for auction...

 next week in Bergerac, Périgord:


Boite en bronze représentant un fruit

Refraichissoir a bouteille, Rouen 19th Century, Faïence

Bougeoir de voyage et sa bobèche - argent, époque Empire, 
Bordeaux 1809-1819, par Guillaume Jonet

This is my own one, not as old as the previous one - but I like it!

Fauteuil Louis XV., 18th Century
estampille de C.F. Normand, Maître en 1747

Légumier argent, Paris 1788

Canapé, Époque Louis XVI., walnut, 18th Century

Huilier argent - 18th Century

Buffet a deux corps, fruit wood, 19th Century

 Bureau plat, Style Louis XV., late 19th - early 20th Century

Porcelaine, China, 19th - Century

Coffret en bois, rehaussé décor or, 19th Century

Coffret hollandais en laiton et fer forge, 18th Century

 China 19th Century

Pair of chairs, style Henri II., walnut, 20th Century

China 19th Century

84 pieces of a Limoges diner service

Personnage en ivoire, China

China 19th Century

Personnage en ivoire

China 19th Century

Oil on canvas, signed Herman Delpech, ca. 1870,  54x65 cm
Although the frame is original - I do not like it, it's killing the painting!

Fauteuil époque Louis XV., 18th Century
estampille C.L. Mariette, Maître en 1765

Faïence, Nevers, late 18th Century

also Herman Delpech, same size

same frame!

Cuillères a ragoût, argent gravée d'armoiries Toulouse, 18th Century
Bordeaux, par Jacques Georgeon

Pair of Cantonese Vases, China, ca. 1880

ca. 1860, my own one!

Acrylique sur carton by SALVO,  35 x 49 cm
Italian artist, born 1947 in Leonforte, Enna
estimated 4,000 Euro

Cabinet, deux portes et onze tiroirs, laque, Japon - 18th-19th Century

Chandelier, bronze and crystal, early 20th Century

Pair Fauteuils, Époque Louis XVI., estampille N. Baudin, Maitre en 1763

Oiseaux en porcelaine

Moustiers, 18th Century

Partie de service café, late 19th Century  -  very charming!
love the violets!

Auxerre, late 18th Century

late 19th - early 20th Century

Bouqueteriere, Sud Ouest, 18th Century

 Ardus ou Toulouse, 18th Century

ART DECO  vase

Nevers, 18th Century

Statue en bronze, support en forme de pingouin

China, 19th Century

Soulier en faïence, Rouen, 18th Century, 7 x 14 cm

Timbale en argent, 7,5 cm high

Saucière, Moncaut, late 18th Century

Nevers, late 18th Century

Louis XIII., walnut, 18th Century
This cupboard, slightly bleached, would be perfect for me in a modern setting.

Vase en gré de Gaitaud R. Bizanos

Lot de boites en porcelaine

Faïence, Ravier Sinceny, 18th Century

Fauteuil Époque Louis XVI., 18th Century

Kelly bag, Hermes, Paris

For now I would like to have - straight away - the Kelly bag
with a"fat" cheque book in it to get all the Chinese pieces, some faience, some chairs,
a bit of silver, and....and.....


Of course there are many other pieces,
I selected only a few which I hope you will find interesting.


  1. Love the view...thanks Karin. Also love placing objects in time, region. Auctions are such great venues for learning! Beautiful!! XO Trish

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  3. Dear Karin, Yes, I will also take the Kelly bag and for good measure, maybe they will throw in the Legumier argent.

  4. Karin,
    These items are just wonderful! I could look over and over again to all these beauties! How cute that faience shoe! And my favorite is the "bougeoir de voyage" (yours is fabulous!).
    Thank you for sharing this with us!!

  5. There are some wonderful pieces here...I wish, I wish... Those first two remind me of Gabriel Viardot's you know who crafted them?

  6. Oohhh I was drooling over all the beautiful eye candy! (Oh those fauteuils!) Wishing it could all be mine...When it finally canme to the kelly bag...which I actually least I can cross one off the list *winks* Vanna

  7. I am your newest follower! Thank you for getting my heart started this morning!


  8. I love those two tapestry chairs and can only image what they will be going for. I love auctions and keep many catalogs as reference guides. Are you going to the auction Karin? Have a lovely weekend!