Thursday, 29 March 2012

Garden-Spring-Work - making progress...


Last week...pruned all fruit trees and cutting off dead branches... from one of the Fig trees,

this week... cleared old Hazelnut tree, nearly completely overgrown with ivy and brambles

Although the birds love it....hovering and chirping around, in and out...

but least...

...I can see my "Chinese Beauty", the tree peony, clearly and in full size from the kitchen door.

 She's a real 'tough' one...survived the drought last year, the terrible 2 weeks of  hard frost in February,
and developing rapidly lots of buds

 very promising for beautiful flowers, so exiting - as every year!

But... Oh-Oh....the Oleander...

:(  :(

Will it ever be again as it used to be ???

growing to that size which took 18 years? will it ever have leaves again and beautiful flowers?
 I'll keep my hope up!  It might take 2 years for developing leaves and flowering again....if...!


As the medal has always two sides...

Santolina ....will certainly survive...

 ... like here...

and ...there are signs of new life...

 another Tree Peony obviously liked the period of hard frost, 

...growing happily, even in our very poor soil!

 As well as the rose shrub at/on (?) our back wall...

 growing and growing - by the day....

 ... great promise for lots of wonderful roses...

...more than last year


Making also progress with the usual "Frühjahrsputz" - the spring work...
cleaning the houses, washing rugs... these two old handmade Danish ones from the 1800's...

...which we call in German "Flickenteppich"...
made of bits and pieces of all kind of textiles/fabrics

Found them on one of my buying trips to Scandinavia  in the 1980's
at the time when I had my Antique shop in Hamburg,
 kept for myself,  just love them... well as Oskar does!   Soon after they're off the line..


tout de suite ...straight away on it!


They were Oskar's favorite playground during his 'prison time'...for weeks and weeks...
..and now they need to be repaired!

Some years ago newly made ones were available at IKEA, 
much smaller and not nearly as nice as the old handmade ones like these.
I just can feel and imagine the time when woman made them, 'weaving' their thoughts and dreams into....


During the time of clearing dead branches, brambles etc.....,

...burning a lot of stuff...

...getting sad about shrubs we've lost for ever,
and when my arms and hands looked like I went through a jungle,
 then I felt here and there the need of 'something'...
of something uplifting and playful...

 ...thinking   "what could I do..."  with these wonderful branches...

...far too good and decorative for burning...

so,  kept some for later or further use...and played around with ideas....

...with a necklace...

 ..looks like black berries...

..fruity and juicy..

....with a ring...

both pieces were lovely late Christmas presents...
and designed by our blogger friend  Marsha  from  Splenderosa    here


more branches I'll keep for....collages...

..with my collection of large 18th century keys made of bronze...


..together with some old linen and ticking...

just love these old branches with naturally grown lichen and moss...

...with beautifully pale bark...

...playing with old 18th handcrafted nails..


...playing again with fashion jewellery...



 many possibilities and ideas



When we had a few cold days last week I went back to my linen stock,
sorted out more chests and trunks....

 ..all the old French farmers linen....

...and hemp sheets...




Where- and whenever there is any kind of activity with old linen...

...His Highness is not far!



...listing, making inventory, preparing....for the foreseen post "Old Linen - Part 2"
which will come for sure....later...probably after Easter, sorry.
There is just so much, and to give you proper and profound information
it certainly requires more than 2 parts.  But I'll make it, step by step!


By the way...
Had a break from gardening and cleaning etc...
and - as some of my dear readers have probably noticed -
I went for a short stip-visit to the blogworld.

And when I 'arrived' at  Acquired Objects and read Debra's  post "The Ultimate Monogram"


...I've learned that we both share an admiration for 'Coats of Arms'.

While going through my stock of old linen - I found this:

Pair of pictures, original maple frames, English, 19th century

 "Per Deum Et Ferrum Obtinui" - "By God and my sword I have obtained",
or loosely translated: "I got there by God's help and by the sword"

I made some research and found out that this coat of arms could be related to
the Lord Arthur Hill family    here


"DEUS DITAT" -  "God Enriches"
have not found anything so far about this original English coat of arms, except:
"Seal of Arizona" and "Arizona State Motto"  (???)

Both pictures are for sale


A lovely and charming piece

18th or early 19th Century, metal with remains of the old paint,
Upper Rhine region which could be from Alsace, or North of Basel, or near Black Forest...


 For sale


To be honest - only a tiny a suggestion of coat of arms on these two 19th century German grain sacks
but charming...

This one is also for sale.

For further information, please drop me a mail.


 Suddenly - like over night...

 ...our garden is filled with the scent of this Viburnum




less flowers than last year...

...but at least!

Happy Spring Weekend to all of YOU !

A bientôt


  1. In love with your framed coat of arms!!!!! Gorgeous, also love all the linens! All so beautiful. Your yard is a paradise and I bet working in it doesn't feel like work at all..and look at all those wonderful "fruits" it bears...even a blackberry necklace (wink) Love Marshas things!!

  2. Liebe Karin,
    you are so busy!

    I love your nature treasures as well as your antiques treasures!

    Ein erholsamens Wochenende!
    ♥ Franka

  3. Dear Karin!

    Your garden is so wonderful! I enjoyed most your play with branches and jewelry - such an original idea!
    Thanks for your visit in my blog!


  4. Oh la la. So much work! We just were out at a friends house in the country last night and they have been working for the past week doing exactly the same kind of work. Their backs ache, their hands are all scratched. So I feel for you and know that it was really worth it!
    Bisous et bon weekend,

  5. Ok please tell me how much for that amazing metal piece with the cross coat-of-arms? It would be the perfect Christmas or birthday present for someone I know...ME! Your yard will come back plants have this amazing will that if you feed them and water them they will grow. It'll take a few years but they'll come back, have faith. The husband and I did so much work last week only to have mother nature come through and mess it all up but I guess we'll start back is aching already!

    Happy Friday!

  6. By sunday night, I am utterly exhausted fro the week end garden work...But i love it! your garden looks gorgious! I have a similar situation to your Oleanders' fate. My pool is surrounded by large white seefoam rose bushes, which i trim with care and love. Well, my gardener decided to give them a trim within inches of their roots. I almost cried when i saw the carnage, coming back from work... Will be in Dordogne very soon to visit some gardnes and just enjoy the countryside. can't wait

  7. Well, in all honesty, I felt like I was right back at LaPouyette with you, strolling through your gorgeous garden and ever-so-tempting shop. And your jewelry next to the branches- cool! What Pieter wouldn't give to work with such beautiful materials! That's exactly what he loves to do- create the unexpected out of... what most folks would not even consider to be worthy of saving.

    I love watching the creativity pour forth from you. Please- tell Ron Hi! from Pieter and Ann.

  8. Recently I have also spent time working in my garden and preparing it for spring and summer weather. I know your hands and back ache but it is always so worth it. I know your garden will return to it's original splendor, it just takes a bit of time to recover and with love the garden returns to glory. You certainly show your garden love. Adore seeing more of your linens and Oskar. The coat of arms are wonderful and I'm fascinated by the coat of arms on the grain sacks.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I feel as though I've been on a holiday, visiting you and your beautiful property & Oskar! I still cannot believe your amazing creativity in styling the jewelry among the branches. Just so lovely and unexpected. Thank you so much for mentioning me and my jewelry designs, Karin. You know how much I appreciate it. My new website is almost "live." Sending love from Texas.....

  10. You are a very busy lady. I love when the peonies just start to bud. This will be my first year without a garden and I miss it most in the Spring. Seeing your photos was a lovely reminder. Beautiful linens!!!!!

  11. So much in this post Karin ~ it could be three!! The jewelry with branches was wonderful, reminded me of our summer blackberries here in Georgia! My mother had several places in our home where she displayed family crests and coat of arms. It brought back memories seeing yours! And yes, I know your gardens will once again be beautiful and bountiful so Oskar can be king of the jungle again! :)

  12. How beautiful your house and garden are...sigh ! And how lovely to have mature trees and figs and hazelnuts ! So funny that cats ALWAYS find the most comfy place for a nap ! Can't believe that the tree peony survived...I thought they were a bit tender. Gail x

  13. Wow, Karin! So much to take in! Thank you. And thank you for your comment on l&l. All my best~LeAnn

  14. Great post. Your blooms are beautiful! Our lilacs are coming out too. We always look forward to getting back into the garden each season. -Al