Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bonne Dimanche with Oskar and Jaques Loussier....

As this 'young man' was a prisoner since beginning of December,
not allowed to leave the house under any circumctances....

...he is now desperate to go outside for a stroll.

Sorry, Oskar, not yet, maybe in a few days time....

"Oh well, if you say so...."

"but then let's have some least..."

"...piano music - J.S.Bach - Jazz... please..."

...d'accord  'mein Purzel' - why not having all of it
with Jaques Loussier....


"...Oh oui, c'est bon....purr-purr..."


Jaques Loussier
...the "unclassifiable" musician of his generation...
more here:

Bonne Dimanche a Tous!


Spring is around the corner....

...and soon... back to "normal" - hopefully !


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  1. wonderful Bach and wonderfully cute cat :)

  2. My heart goes to Oskar whose incarceration will soon be o'er. What a cultured fellow he is to have Jacques Loussier as his choice of music. Your home is just beautiful and no doubt Oskar realizes how fortunate he is

    Wishing you great weekend


  3. Life is rough when something happens and you don't get to enjoy it to its fullest but soon enough. Oskar is so cute! Tell him Dylan dog will go out and have a romp for him.


  4. Dear Karin,
    your *Purzel* Oskar is such a lovely cat and has a very good taste of music!

    Schönen Sonntag!
    ♥ Franka

  5. Oscar made me smile - I love his portraits and can understand his frustration. I was bedridden for months due to an injury, and I too used to look forlornly through the window, wishing that I could escape outside.
    We have always had cats, one of which looked identical to Oscar. They were such inquisitive creatures - always in mischief, some of which led to injuries.
    Bonne semaine

  6. Adorable... a cat with musical ears, quite amazing

  7. Have a nice, sunny Sunday! Kisses for Oscar!

  8. Dear Karin, I hear Oskar has been attacking you, nipping at your arms and the pictures he looks innocent enough... He certainly knows how to circumwent the precious items on the table. All lovely photographs, happy Sunday to everyone in your household. Gina

  9. Oskar is a beautiful cat. I feel for him in his confinement.

  10. Has Oskar ever tried to escape? Made a beeline to the door for a quick dash out?
    I don't know how you managed to keep him in all this time!

    Can't wait for spring.... I fear we'll still have a few snowfalls to keep us in check. After all, we've hardly had any yet.

  11. Karin - blessings for an early spring, warmth, growth and a release from cabin fever for Oskar!

  12. Ah, I suspected Oskar was a creature of refined taste!

  13. Oskar is such a handsome boy. It looks like he also may have a touch of spring fever, just like the rest of us. Soon we will all be able to spend more time outside and Oskar will enjoy his wonderful freedom. Although, I doubt he's thought of his time indoors as prison...too lovely a house to feel that way. I love how the combination of wonderful music and sunshine has made him ready to nod off for a lovely nap.
    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. xx

  14. Thanks for the lovely Sunday night music ! One of our cats was house bound when he was the end I started to take him around the garden on a lead...much to everyone's amusement !! but he was so happy to be out and was so good on his lead. Lovely hellebores flowering ! Gail x

  15. Oh how you do love the kitty, Karin. What a wonderful friend. And, your music. I'm going to add it to my blog playlist. What a great Sunday post, my friend.