Friday, 21 October 2011

Once upon a time....

...last year in October - there was a Chateau for sale.

A beautiful Périgordian Chateau, dating back to the 15th/16th Century

All the contents of the Chateau were auctioned off over a whole weekend.

I went a few days before to the preview
on an early morning to avoid the crowd

enjoying my promenade through the wonderful park

The luggage is packed - in the true sense of the words!

I must say that I became a bit sad, thinking about the history of the family... here for generations

Luggage full of curtains

Wedding dress, 1950-60 by Jean Patou

Everything for chairs, benches....

...except the owners dog!


Just a few of many beautiful Antiques:

A wonderful wooden panel, 1780-1800, circa 1,80 meter long

Detail of an 18th Century Tapestry

A lovely 18th small crown

Pair of Louis XVI. Fauteuils in the original condition, circa 1780
covered with a very interesting tapestry.  "His and Her's"  ??

'Ecritoire', 18th Century Faiyence from Nevers Montagnon

Pair of Louis XVI. period Canapés, circa 1780

really everything for sale.....all urns, statues...

also... to the Chateau, just over the little road,
'La Maison des Amis'  -  the guesthouse, which was built during the 19th Century

'Vieux Paris' porcelain, 1820-1830

An early 19th Century Swiss mountain chair

Collection of 18th and 19th Century Périgordian Oil jars
 which - as a 'jar addict' - I loved!
Unfortunately I could not get a single one, 
prices went through the roof for these collector items

 I kept my eye on:

A 19th Century Fauteuil in the Louis XIII. style,
covered in a 19th tapestry...

...and was able to get this early 18th Century 'tabouret', Epoque Louis XIII.


... two 18th Century Fauteuils,
both covered in the original 18th Century Aubusson


The 'hunters' arriving...

...queuing up...

It turned out to be a highly successful auction,
The whole contents of antique furniture, panels, faiences, collector pieces, fabrics....
...every single piece was sold,

....even all brocante,

and a whole collection of old wine...


And a few month later...

...the Chateau with its wonderful park was sold as well.

Thinking back and seeing these pictures again after a year,
cannot help feeling still sad about the break-up
of this wonderful and centuries old family home.


  1. It does indeed make me a bit sad too...however all those treasures which were so quickly sold will be seen and used by those who will surely appreciate their form and beauty. I wonder who will live in this beautiful chateau now? Thank you for sharing your experience with us. What have you done with your wonderful acquisitions?
    Take care, Laura

  2. Dear Karin,
    I understand your sadness.
    I get a melancholic mood seeing all these old treasures having been used over generations!
    ( The fauteuils are wonderful!)
    Now have a lovely weekend!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Thanks for your comment, Laura. Sold the 'acquisitions' to a customer who was looking for 18th century armchairs covered with original tapestry. Would have loved to keep them for myself! Well - That's life. And don't know who bought the Chateau, maybe an investor???

  4. ooo i love this pictures! i whis to be there!!! <3 so great furnitures and interiors! <3 have a wonderful weekend!

  5. At least all these lovely things will be passed on to people who will buy them because they love them and will keep their history alive. Lucky you to get to the auction and buy those beautiful items and keep your customer very happy. M x

  6. but i keep wondering how anyone can give this all away.. all the chateau and all the furnitures and memories of the place :( its sad in somehow. now there is not complete anymore. Well..nothing lasts forever.. but still. beauty and sadness.

  7. My god, what treasures and what a place of beauty and history. I would be dying of curiosity to know who has bought the chateau and what they will do with it! Loved your last couple of posts too, Karin - La Pouyette in autumn looks just stunningly beautiful.
    All best wishes x

  8. How intriguing. I have never been to a sale in a chateau. Lucky you! xo Jenny

  9. What a beautiful place. It is sad to see it go out of the family. I wonder why they sold it?

    Even if I didn't purchase anything, the experience of wandering through the chateau's grounds and seeing all the lovely items would be wonderful. So rich.

  10. Karin,

    I am extremely in awe of your post and I am also very happy that you stopped by today; I am a French teacher, I do speak French and LA DORDOGNE is our favorite place! About 9 years ago, my husband met me in Nice after I had studied there for a whole month. Then he took his first trip to Europe and fell in love. But it wasn't until after we enjoyed ourselves in Provence that we discovered Le Périgord and went to SARLAT and its environs....oh dear, what a dream. Your post here, the castle, the furnishings....EVERYTHING is what I have based my home décor on! I have antique crowns and tapestries in my mid-size brick cottage here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a wonderful space here and I THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting me with a comment! PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!! I will follow you. BON VENDREDI!! Anita

  11. Why does it make you sad Karin maybe the owners were selling everything to move onto a new and exciting adventure. Ok next time you go to a sale like this and see a lovely 18th century tapestry you will remember to take a picture and let your Dear ole friend Debra know RIGHT?

  12. What a beautiful place and, what those walls could tell!! So many treasures and I love what you purchased! I'd have to come away with some small item to gaze upon and wonder!

  13. Thank you for taking us to the sale at this chateau. I love items and buildings with history and tend to be extremely sentimental. I know that it is not healthy to become emotionally attach to objects, but it is just the way I am. I too feel saddened by the sale of the chateau and it's precious contents - the ending of and era and perhaps a life.
    The items you purchased are exquisite.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    (P.S. I still haven't heard anything about my House!)

  14. Such a wonderful story, Karen. I just love following along with you! XO Trish

  15. Well, Karin, if money was no object, then I would have purchased the chateau and all of its contents and lived happily ever after.


    And I would treasure it all!

  16. Hello Karin,

    It hurts the heart. a beautiful castle, as it is sold. This is a piece of our heritage that has been lost. However, there are still a few pieces that I would take it home or if I had the JPMorgan, I bought the goose lot with the castle included :-)

    Have a nice weekend my friend

  17. Loving it all Karin! How exciting to attend such a wonderful auction...I hope the new owners will take good care of their "acquisitions"...including the chateau and guest house! The grounds were just breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Karin please pop over to my blog I've given you the versatile blogger award!

  19. Oh that is a pity to see all those beautiful possessions out on the gravel and lawn ready for auction. I agree there is a sadness at the ending of what looked like a spectacular lifestyle.
    Have a delightful Sunday
    Helen xx

  20. What a lovely and loving story, Karin. I, too, would have been a bit sad, but maybe the new owners will be young and re-make the property into it's new vision, equally as beautiful. I love what you purchased! Isn't it wonderful to find a pair of chairs? Sending love.....

  21. Karin, There is a definite sadness here. What a beautiful property and fabulous things they have acquired. Hugs to you. XO, Mona

  22. What an amazing property. It is sad to see it seperated but another great family will move in and fill it with their dreams and things! So beautiful!


  23. What great pictures! Hopefully all the new owners will find joy in their acquisitions, and the old owner is moving on to new and wonderful opportunities.

    Hope you have a good week. Cindy