Friday, 3 January 2020

New Year Wishes

Sending herewith to all of you - far and near

all my very best wishes

for the Year 2020 !


and  PEACE  to the world !

A New Year's Wish
Poet: Helen Van Anderson Gordon

May each day bring thee something
Fair to hold in memory--
Some true light to shine
Upon thee in the after days.
May each night bring thee peace,
As when the dove broods o'er
The young she loves; may day
And night the circle of
A rich experience weave
About thy life, and make
It rich with knowledge, but radiant
With Love, whose blossoms shall be
Tender deeds.

~ Helen Van Anderson Gordon (b. 1859) 


  1. Beautiful words. Happy new year!

  2. It is so good to read your blog again. I am sending all my love to you for 2020 and beyond.
    Life is good here. Boring, but good. How I wish I could come visit you !! It would be so wonderful to hug you close, and see and experience your life. Marsha

  3. Happy New Year, Karin! Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2020,

  4. Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonderful 2020.

  5. Happy, happy 2020 Karin. Sending love from the UK. XXXX

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