Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Find - Old Farmers linen

An old dealer friend phoned me last week to tell me that,
during 'sorting' out an ancienne ferme
he found a whole lot of genuine farmers linen, stored in cupboards.
Knowing that I'm a 'linen lover' he thought I might like to buy it.

So, off I went on Saturday to hes place to have a look.

Very gray and drizzling day...

....driving through forests, empty roads, passing this old castle, more a ruin by now...

and coming to this village....

...could hardly trust my eyes...
a pair of "dancing trees"!
So, who is she and who is he ?????

They remind me of the talking and walking trees in the film "Lord of the rings"
Just so amazing!

The whole village looked like 'deserted'...

All people hiding.....

Digital Art by Manfred Maerschenz

But then - after all the gray -

..arriving at Alain's place - the 'touch of blue' - uplifting!

Oh my goodness!!!  All these linen.......

While looking at it my mind went back to the past....
thinking about all the work which was involved to made these pieces...

from harvesting...

...preparing the flax and hemp...


and weaving, and......
 I bought the whole lot.

Leaving this 'charming' place....

passing on my way back home a few more Chateaux, like this one...

...and was convinced ones more -  the Périgord is very special!
Even on grayish days!

Passing this property which is just around the corner from our house....

abandoned since years, and falling slowly but surely apart, sadly enough...

and suddenly the sun came out for a few minutes, brightening up the place!


Back home....

 unloading all the heavy linen, could not wait to have a more proper look at it...
touching it....

Beautiful pieces, all 19th Century (from the 1800s)

medium weave, finer weave,

pure chanvre - hemp

heavy quality linen without monograms and with monograms...

hemp from off white to natural oat meal color tones...

suitable for dying in different colors

with smaller monograms...

larger ones.....

and again a glimpse  of sunlight!

all the linen hand stitched and with center seems!

different weaves....

And while bringing all the pieces to my barn to look for a suitable storage place..

Oskar is wondering...what's going on!


Apart from the lot of linen I also found these wonderful pieces of ticking...

mainly 19th-Century (from the 1800s)

 damask ticking, ca. 1920-30



also these ticking's all hand stitched.

Playing around with the stripes and colors, and....

Amongst all of it there were also a pair of small curtains.....

in green - just for a change!


While transferring photos to the PC...

Oskar is watching.....or controlling?


And today....just like over night....the first buds on our wild cherry tree!

 4 weeks later than 'normal'....but at least!

And nearly unbelievable, a lot of violets appeared all over the place....

Even the forsythia does not want to wait any longer, 
although we have mornings with temperature down to nearly zero.  


I'm dreaming of spring...


By the way - all linen is for sale
Any inquiries - just send me an email.

I'm in Germany until 15th of March
and will reply to your inquiery when I'm back.


  1. That ruin castle was perfect for that drizzly day and those dancing trees…WOW, they really do look like they’re dancing! Then to arrive at all that color on the farmhouse and then inside…OMG, I can’t believe how much linen there was sitting on that table! And YOU BOUGHT THE WHOLE LOT!!!! And you bought ticking? Yes, thank you there is a God, you’re going to share….clapping here! Oskar looks like he might be looking for a suitable place for a nap!

  2. Oh yes... very interested in those very gorgeous linens! Please let me know how much you would like to offer them for. Fortuitous find!


  3. OMG!
    You DO live in heaven!

    What an incredible find... and incredible friend to alert you.

    Can you tell me about that ticking?

  4. Dear Karin, This is the most beautiful post. The travel log, the farm house, the beautiful linens, the old pictures, and then your lovely shots of new Spring flowers... all so beautifully photographed.
    Would be interested in the pillow.

  5. What a lovely - lovely post!!!

    And what a treasure!

    Was für eine stimmungsvolle Fahrt hin und zurück!
    Eine blaue Tür.
    Und dann Leinen pur ...
    Und ein Ausflug in die Historie von Leinen ...

    Ich beneide dich um die ersten Blüten!
    Hier wird es noch etwas dauern.



  6. Fabulous post, Karin! Love how you "weave" the history, adventure, the incredible found treasure all together in a beautiful post! Merci! XO Trish

  7. I think this post is most people's idea of heaven Karin, I would have been jumping and shouting for joy! How lovely to know that the linen has ended up in such safe hands

  8. Hi Karin, I loved this post so much that I linked back to you on my blog today, hope that's OK

  9. Thank you for such beauty!! Such glorious beauty!! The photos are simply divine and the linens, oh my!!! I would be most interested in the damask ticking as well as some of the others!! Oh glorious linen!! Barbara

  10. My heart jumped when I got to the final sentence! I would so definitely be interested in buying some of these from you, Karin - the striped ticking and the white monogrammed linen especially, yes please!
    And I must add that Oskar looks enchanting surrounded by cherry blossoms ...

  11. SO BEAUTIFUL!! And what a lovely post. I am envious. Such precious history in each of those linens. You are a guardian of the past and I love that. There is a reason why these wonderful pieces came to you. You've started a story here. Keep us all updated on them!

  12. oh you lucky lucky find such a trove of treasure sitting waiting for you in such a lovely place. i can only imagine the sheer joy of puddles of woven history running through your fingers. thanks so much for sharing!

    i am now following.


    stuff and nonsense

  13. i should have said in my earlier comment, but i would love for you to share this with my readers on my fridays unfolded linky @



  14. OMG..I am so green with envy right now. First that you get to travel in such beautiful surroundings! Second that those fabulous and charming chateaus are part of your normal drive route....and last those linens..breathtaking!! How fun, exciting and wonderful....they are treasures and wouldn't it be fun to know the story behind them? Amazing..thanks for all the pictures and the ones leading up the big "find" was the next best thing to being there!!!!
    Please visit me, doing an unreal giveaway, a pair of Murano handblown glass lamps from Swank lighting!

  15. Oh my, what a treasure trove! Do you have an Etsy shop? The old linen is gorgeous. I can just imagine the feel of it.

    And spring is coming. Hooray!

  16. Oh be still my Heart! Just Simply Beautiful, love all your photos.
    What an amazing find I would love to buy some.I sent you an email hope you have some left.~Cheers Kim

  17. Whatan excursion that was!
    Beautiful scenery, and those trees are amazing!! Wow!
    The place looks magical!
    The linen..oh my-my! Gorgeous find..
    So happy for you!
    Whatever will you make with them?! :) Im your newest follower (purehunnybee)


  18. Oh my giddy aunt! What an amazing haul! The photos are lovely - especially those trees.

  19. What an amazing find!! I can't even imagine how I would have reacted if I was shown a large table of linen like that!


  20. Wow, what an amazing find. Love the way you shared the story and history of these fine textiles. I'm green with envy! ~ Sarah

  21. How wonderful to have the opportunity to buy all that linen...I would be in heaven sorting through it all. Lovely photographs of the village and buildings.
    Julie x

  22. Big THANK'S to all of YOU for your lovely and positive comments!

    I had to rush off to Germany early Thursday morning, will be back around the 15th of March and will then answer to any inquieries about these linens.

    Greetings to everybody

  23. Yes, Yes, Yes!! Love your blog! Oscar was intrigued and so am I! Please, some information on the tickings and monogramed sheets and the blue linen. Thank you so very much from California.

  24. ...amazing... your blog, your found, your pictures...simply lovely, I think you live in heaven!
    I'll come soon!

  25. I have enjoyed this post top to bottom. While I think you are most fortunate to have received such a wonderous phone call I am also drooling over Oskar and your barn.

    Of course you had to take it all. How could you have not?!?

  26. How beautiful! I wouldn't have been able to leave any of it behind either. I'm very interested in the damask ticking and would appreciate it if you could send me the width and the price for it.


  27. Hallo Karin,
    wunderschöne Bilder und genauso schönes Leinen. Verkaufe bitte nicht alles - bewahre etwas für mich auf !!!!
    Wir hören voneinander.
    Lieben Gruß aus dem sonnigen Süddeutschland

  28. Karin!!!
    I am just now seeing your beautiful post!! Of course you know I am interested in sharing some of your wonderful treasures! You are very blessed to live in such enchanting surroundings! The old, scrolled iron, the moss on the pillars, even the stone wall and rough timbers in your barn make me drool! Can't wait to hear more about your trip when you get back from Germany!
    Martha at Authentica Classics

  29. What lovely photos of all your linnen things-
    keep some ticking for me please

    all my love


  30. Christine from California above: