Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My trip to Germany a few weeks ago... Part 1

Somehow later than planned...but finally!

 The Black Forest - my longtime love

Following this track... brings back so many good memories of my childhood.....

...when I was wandering endlessly through valleys and across the fields...

.....roaming through forests...

...discovering wild flowers like these forest anemones

...climbing  hills to stroll around old castles and ruins.

 This time I discovered the old "Gasthaus Loewen"

It is said that it is the oldest one in Germany!

established in 1231

 "Old things" dotting around in the court yard

..... more memories of the time when I was growing up in this country side

Everything looked so familiar and inviting...

"lets have lunch"...

A traditional "Vesper"....

 with home made sausages, Black Forest smoked ham, Cheese, fresh bread and.....

just delicious!

On the way back... of the numerous small chapels....

...and another breathtaking moment!

When the shepherds saw us they greeted us, calling...

"YO-HAY - YO-HO" -  wonderful sound filling the whole valley!

It felt like time stood still....

and the world is still "in order" here.


A few kilometres further....
just at the foot of the Black Forest

St. Landelin and the healing spring

A large pilgrims church stands on the spot where
the Irish-Scottish hermit and missionary Landelin settled in the 7th Century.

Bishop Eddo of Strasbourg established a monastery at Ettenheim in the 8th Century

The pilgrimage church of the monastery Ettenheimmuenster
                 built in 1687 - 1699                   


The Abbey prospered through the baroque period
before succumbing to the wave of secularisation in 1803.

Fresco's by Anton Morath, Sculptures by Paul Schramm (1741)
 Altar by Egidi Butsch (1725-85)

Silbermann-Organ  (Gottfried Silbermann 1683 - 1753)

The silver bust of St Landelin from 1506

According to the legend ferocious hunting dogs became docile in the presence of Landelin,
and were henceforth unable to hunt.
One of the huntsmen murdered Landelin to free themselves of his magic.
Out of the blood soaked ground sprang forth five springs whose water worked wonders.
Shortly after his martyrdom people started venerating the holy man.

The spring by the church is still central to the pilgrimage
and many take its waters home with them.


The Village Ettenheim


Old Tradition

Fastnacht - Mardi Gras - Carneval

'Allemannische Fasnet' 
South-West Germany, Schwaben - Baden-Wuerttemberg
Switzerland, Basel

One old custom in these regions are
mask processions in every villages on Sunday and "Fasnet-Dienschtig"
(Shrove or Fat Tuesday)

The "Haestraeger"
"Haes" is an old word for Maske und Gewand - mask and robe/gown

The custom dates back to the 15th Century,
originally with fancy dressed from the several guilds, only by men!

Nowadays mainly as witches to sweep out and get rid of bad winter ghosts.
But still - only by men!

The masks are in carved wood, rather heavy!




and fool's...



...a few "Lady's"...

Music everywhere....

with a lot of "Humba-Humba-Tatera"....


So, now off to the next village..

again...everybody is on their feet


And I wonder what "He" thinks about all this madness ???


to be continued....

An old farm..

The Minster of the University town Freiburg i. Breisgau...

 Saturday farmers market

Home made products




  1. A sentimental journey!

    Für Momente steht die Zeit still und beim Aufwachen stellt man fest wieviel gelebte Zeit schon vergangen ist!

    Freiburg - eine liebenswerte Stadt!


  2. Thank you Franka!
    Yes, it was a bit of a sentimental journey! Thinking back....when time and life was "unbeschwert".
    Ich liebe den Schwarzwald und Freiburg mit Umgebung! Hat einfach was Besonderes.
    Deine Gegend kenne ich leider nicht sehr gut, muss das irgendwann nachholen.

    Herzlichen Gruss - karin

  3. WOW, I’ve never been to Germany but now think I must go, so beautiful! What a wonderful childhood you must have had running in the open space. I love that ancient sleigh the curves and the wood amazing. The inside of the Abby in the church…wow such opulence! It really looks like you had a fabulous holiday, thank you for sharing with us Karin!

  4. Yes Debra, it was very good for me to grow up in such a wonderful countryside. It keeps me 'down to earth'.
    And I would love to have this sleigh and a few other original pieces, no "re-claimed" wood.

  5. What a beautiful post. It reminds me of my too short visit to the Black Forest with my mother a couple of years ago. I'd love to return there one day with my husband.

    Those masks are scary looking. Wouldn't want to run into one of those on a dark night!

    Beautiful baroque church - so full of light.

    I feel as if I've had a mini vacation. Danke.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful place to have grown up. Breathtaking and serene. Would love to visit there someday. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. SO lovely! I think my favorite thing was the shepherds calling to you. I can see why you love Germany. I would too.

  8. Dear Karin, We have had a similar childhood. Thank you for bringing back many beautiful memories.

  9. What a wonderful trip!!! Your pictures are once again gorgeous..I felt as if I was there with you! Maybe I'll stow away in a suitcase next time! :) ...I'm especially waiting for your post on "the finds"! Let's email later about what you are ready to send to new homes!
    Blessings Karin,