Sunday, 10 April 2011

The first Peony - two days later!

- before on Friday -

On Friday I was worried that one of the flowers will only long???
But today the temperatures went quite down,  much cooler, sun disappeared,
a few drops of rain, and.....could hardly trust my eyes.

  how they look now!

 both blossoms 'closed-up'

just amazing!

This blossom looked an Friday like
Unbelievable?  Yes, but its true! It is the same one!

These tree peonies are rather capricious and they have their own mind!

Happy Sunday!


  1. These peonies are rather capricious and have their own mind - like you and me! :-)

    They are just wonderful - like you and me!

    Noch einen schönen Sonntagabend!

    ( Ich war heute mit Mann und meinen Eltern im unterfränkischen Veitshöchheim im Rokkokogarten.)

    Fotos folgen (irgendwann)!

    Lieber Gruß!

  2. Sooo beautiful! I love peonies, they are my favorite flower in the luscious! Thanks for sharing

  3. Funny that your peonies are opening, I just saw mine today and they aren't even a quarter inch tall. They're so pretty....Happy Sunday!

  4. Tree peonies are one of the most incredible flowers to me. And so many don't even know what they are. We treasure them... and their amazing colors. They blow the regular peonies out of the water!

  5. Dear Karin, Ann is right. Tree Peonies are extra special. I need to find a sheltered spot in my garden. Previous attempts have lingered on but eventually succumbed to our cold climate. Your pictures have encouraged me to try again.

  6. Tree peonies SIGH .. so spectacular. We had three planted in the garden that refused to grow, I lost patience and put them into huge pots and they are quite happy - not what the gardening books tell you at all!!
    Beautiful pictures Karin, looks like you have great views from your garden.

  7. Karin!
    How gorgeous! Your photos are amazing!! We live at the edge of a forest and every attempt to plant any flowering shrub or flower has been wiped out by tunneling voles. I've actually seen one of my plants...called Miss Manners...wiggle and shake and literally be pushed up out of the ground! It is funny, but I've just about given up!

    I have planted small flowers in their own actually helps keep the roots wet during our hot summers in the south US...and so far, the voles haven't eaten through the plastic! :) Then I just pull them all out at the end of the season and cover with pine straw.

    I think I might have to stick with a rock garden and ivy! LOL!
    Have a great week!

  8. Franka!
    Thanks for your compliment!
    Welches ich herzlichst an Dich zurueckgebe!!!

    Irgendwie muss man sich doch eine Individualitaet erhalten, in dieser globalen Welt!

    In diesem Sinne - lets stay somewhat capricious and special!

    Lieben Gruss nach Franken

  9. Sharon,

    I'm terrible sorry my Dear, but with tree peonies ones has to be very, very patient!!!

    Thinking 20 years back, we planted all together about 5-6. They appeared, they disappeared, and we only end-up with TWO!

    But if they like the place, or spot, or... they give so much pleasure! And...they can last or get up to 500 years old, would you believe!

    So, try again. It's like in general in life:
    Never give up!

    Greetings - karin

  10. Dear Gina,
    Peonies actually do not mind cold climate.
    The tree peonies and others are originally from China.
    In fact, after this cold winter we had here, they do rather well this year!
    The only thing I found is the right patch of soil. Will talk to you by mail sometimes soonish...
    Lieben Gruss nach Utah - karin