Monday, 11 April 2011

Le Périgord - Our Friend's Houses: Une ancienne Chartreuse...

...built in 1640

...situated just next to one of  'our' countless Romanesque churches... back to the 8th - 9th Century.


With the most beautiful garden....


 carefully 're-designed' over the last 10 years
with great love, heart and soul bring back it's authenticity. 

Now, even on a gray April-Sunday-Afternoon.. looks - just simply wonderful!

With all these specially choosen tulip's -
dotting around to give a few spots of color here and there. 
. . . . .

I really had the need to 'catch the moments' with my camera
when I was visiting my friends yesterday,
strolling around....

 ...the house and courtyard...

looking what's 'new' or...any changes? Or new planting? Or....?


...all the different varieties of these tulip's...



doesn't this one look like a rose blossom?

  A "knock-out" for me
 and a MUST to have some for next year at our place !!!!


 Time to go home, but quickly a few shots of the church....

The door was unlocked.....and... what a surprise.... see the inside.
Never saw such huge columns/pillars
in one of the Romanesque churches here in our region!
(and I've seen quite a lot of them!)

 What an architecture!



Back home.....
looked around our garden...

...found one single Hyacinth flowering...(sadly enough - only one this year!)

But during my 'inspection'..

I discovered that our  "Chinese Beauty"...

...has 'developed'!

With the first blossom.

"Slowly Dear, slowly!  Don't rush"!

And this first blossom is for Trish from Trouvais!


Spring is such a special time in the year
everything comes back to life again!

Clematis Montana



I know that I announced since weeks! to write a post about my German trip in March.
And I apologize to everybody who was - or still is - looking forward to it!
But....spring - garden work - blossomed trees - tulip's and peonies have "interfered"!
It will be definitely this week!  Promised!


  1. Dear Karin, Great Post. Great Photographs. Wonderful subjects. Love the way Your Eyes see it.

  2. What a wonderful excursion!

    Ich liebe diese unpretensiösen Gärten, wo die Anlage meisterhaft ist.
    Alte Steine in Gärten oder in Kirchen!

    Ja der Frühling ist lebensWert!

    Liebe Grüße!

  3. The church is so beautiful just think of the history it has lived through and survived. The architecture inside is unbelievable. Your friends gardens are amazing, the green and white tulip is my favorite, so subtle but elegant. I love double and parrot tulips, aren’t tulips wonderful, your friends have quite the variety. You take such amazing photos! That is so sweet of you to send Trish a flower and I know she appreciates it.

  4. OMG how amazing - I LOVE France and would simply adore to take the trip you just did. Thanks a million for your sweet comment on my blog - thanks for letting me find yours - love it so I'm following - would love it if you did the same.
    A xxx

  5. Parrot favorite! And thank you so much for "giving" me your first peony! I am truly honored!!! I am also SO grateful you warned me it could take YEARS before the tree peonies take off. Mine is being very...tardy! Sigh. Thank goodness I have 30 herbaceous peonies. I will live vicariously through you this year...your fabulous dinner plate sized blooms! I'm hard as work as will all be worth it! Merci, merci! XO Trish

  6. The tulips were wonderful....but I love the stone walls in your friend's garden.....just lovely!! Of course I gravitate towards rocks anyway! :)
    The church was amazing also!

    As always Karin, thanks for sharing your beautiful countryside! I love it!
    Happy Tuesday,

  7. Just beautiful. The home, the church, the gardens, everything. I just love the "old" charm of all of it. Thanks you for posting it!