Friday, 24 June 2011

A very promising fruit crop?

It certainly looks like!



'small apples'


'big apples'
entirely organic - no spray - no treatment

with the most delicious flavor - like the apples I remember from my childhood






 A variety of plum 

which has a blaze of wonderful blossoms in mid to late February.

The fruit however, does not fully ripen until late June,
and when ripe the birds quickly devour them!


...and grapes

Very promising indeed, though we do need rain!
 But please - not today on  St. Jonhannis day,
because it is said:
 "St. Johannis - St. John's rain spoil us the best nuts!"


Also some old German farmer proverbs for June say:
"Wenn kalt und nass der Juni war, verdirbt er meist das ganze Jahr"
which means:
'If June is wet and cold, the barrel and the barn are left empty'
"Soll gedeihen Korn und Wein, muss im Juni Regen sein"
'For grain and wine to thrive, there must be rain in June'


 June was and still is - for our region - rather cool this year,
but certainly not wet at all ! 
So, Que sera?  We'll see....

Leandro Bassano (Bassano del Grapa) 1557 - Venise, 1622


  1. Eine reiche Ernte wünsch ich und Regen wann es genehm ist!


    Tolle Fotos!


  2. How lovely to have figs in your garden Karin, we're to far north for them here. We need rain at night and sun in the day, simple really!

  3. Hi Karin~
    Your fruit looks wonderful. And I would be happy to send you some rain! We have had so much rain here in the last 1-2 weeks. I had to go to the garden center and buy new basil plants to replace mine because they did not make it with so little sun and warmth and too much wet. We are suppose to have sun this weekend. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow Karin I've never seen hazelnuts, walnuts or pomegranates on a tree before so this was fun to see. We grow a lot of fruit too and can't wait for it to ripen! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Karin, those figs are going to be wonderful. I just love how the trees and flowers blossom for you. We finally had a little rain for 2 days...just a few drops after months of nothing. Our livestock and farm lands are suffering so.

  6. How wonderful, Karin, fresh fruit yum! Do you make preserves or jelly with your fruit? Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  7. I've never actually seen pomegranates growing in person. It's hard to believe you are that much warmer than we are!

    I would think it very special to have your own fruits- with no pesticides. The best way! SO much healthier.

  8. What a harvest you will have! So much good food, naturally grown. There is a real satisfaction in growing your own food, isn't there? Your garden is fantastic!

  9. What an abundance! We have a couple of apple trees, two chestnuts, lemons, grapes and two olives. Unfortunately, the birds get to the apples, grapes and olives.

    I have never tasted Pomegranates. The tree is lovely; colourful flowers. I have a Pomegranate frieze of tiles in my kitchen and when the tiler was putting on the tiles, he asked what they were and I said, "Pomegranates". He unkindly said, "I'm glad I'm not living here!"

    You're going to be busy, Karin, picking it all!

  10. Hello Karin,

    How lovely to have al this good fruit in your garden! I have only appels and strawberry's...


  11. Alaine, your comment (the tilers comment!) gave me a laughter!

  12. I just discovered your blog. This is a superb posting and like many of your readers I have not seen pomegranates or walnuts grow. Many thanks and wishing you a bountiful harvest.
    Helen Tilston

  13. Dear Karin, what an abundance you have there! According to your proverb, our barns should be completely empty here in England after the June we've had - but today all of a sudden we have hot summer weather, hooray!
    Thank you for such kind comments on my blog ... I too hope that someday we can meet - either in London or in your beautiful Perigord.
    Best wishes!

  14. Hi Karin,

    What beautiful photos and such a gorgeous assortment of fruits and nuts that you have! Very informative, as well. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you.

  15. Hi Karin!!!
    Is there nothing you don't grow over there???? I have 6 pecan trees and one crabapple.....I'd kill for fig, olive trees, and especially pomegranates..... I make jelly.....It is a mess but worth it......They all look delicious!!!!!maryanne xo

  16. Wow...look at your grapes! Mine are tiny by comparison! I think you are at least a month ahead. Your lavender looks incredible also! Love seeing all your summer's bounty. XOXO Trish