Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ode to the Peony - A short Update

So much interest....
So many 'Peony-Lovers'....

Here shortly some information about Growing Peonies:

....Peonies grow from two to four feet in height.
Support is often required for tall, double hybrids.
Peonies thrive in sunny location and well-drained soils,
tolerating a wide range of soil types.
Best growth is in soil with a pH range of 6,5 to 7,5, 
deep and rich in organic matter.....

For the US:
They are hardy from zone 8 to zone 2, with some exceptions.
read more......here

For example: It should be possible to grow peonies in Texas, zone 8
info for Maryanne from   Beadboardupcountry

'How to grow peonies - even where it's warm'
...Peonies thrive in cooler climates, where they get pronounced winter chill.
But some will grow well in warmer climates.
All are also worth a try in dappled shade in zones 14-20.
There, give plants afternoon shade and ample water.....
read more......here 
(I'm confused with the US zones...!)

In the South of Germany, rather cold winters, snow and ice, long frost period,
and then summer can be very hot, Peonies 'doing' very well
and are planted mostly in full sun in farmers and other gardens.

Here at our place in the Southwest of France, Dordogne:
'Sitting' on rocks - we have a very low PH, mainly alkaline and very little top soil,
and there is no way that we have a rich organic soil, but it is well-drained.
 The  peonies we have seem to be not too unhappy!
One of the tree peony we planted in half-shade, facing east, to protect it from the afternoon sun
which is very strong in our region, even in April and May,
but the morning sun is perfect.
The other tree peony, younger and still much smaller,
is facing south with full sun nearly throughout the whole day.
They never where feed specially, just here and there - sometimes,
they have not been watered regularly,
but - I TALK TO THEM and gently stroke them!!!

So, I only can recommend - just try it out yourself!
Be prepared for disappointments - but don't give up!
There will be wonderful surprises!

"Peonies and Old Silver"
by   Blooming Rose Musings


  1. Karin, thank you so much. I am honored you included my photo. You have provided so much wonderful information. I live in southern California and was told I would never be able to grow peonies, but I do! You are so correct, it's worth a try. Thank you again for your beautiful posts.

  2. Hello Karin,
    we'll never give up!

    Nachdem du so im Pfingst(rosen)rausch bist, hast du wohl gleich Pfingsten um ne Woche vorverlegt!

    Heureux pentecôte!

  3. My pleasure - Blooming Rose Musings!

  4. Hallo Franka,
    nachdem meine Pfingstrosen schon seit Wochen 'hinueber' sind, kann ich um 'Pfingsten-rum' nicht genung davon haben! Ich liebe sie einfach!
    Und dieses Jahr verschoenten sie mir Ostern!
    Jedes Jahr Ueberraschungen im Garten, und das macht das Leben doch interessant, manchmal....
    Herzlichen Gruss nach Franken, k

  5. Thank for you featuring one of my absolute favorite flowers!!!! Sooooo beautiful, only thing I wish is that they lasted longer in the vase, any tips you can share?

  6. The enchanted home,
    I'm sorry I cannot give any advise to keep peonies in vases. I hardly never cut them, love to see them in the garden.
    To have them in vases, best is to cut them while they still not in full flower.
    But best advise could give Trish from Trouvais!
    Helpful? I hope so.

  7. Ok I will try......Thanks for the advice my friend!!!!!I will have to research!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  8. Meine Guete, Franka!
    Habe gerade festgestellt, dass ich mich tatsaechlich um 1 Woche vertan habe! Unglaublich, aber wahr!
    Wunderte mich schon, warum die Post gestern hier war.....Aber ausser Dir hat's wohl keiner mitbekommen.
    Nun freue ich mich auf's richtige Pfingst-Wochenende.