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Week 24 - Newsletter from the Périgord - 2 - Coming up at Auction

Hotels Des Ventes Du Périgord
 Bergerac - 19 June 2011

 Collection of 18th century Moustiers Faiences

About Moustiers faience:
French tin-glazed earthenware produced by factories in the town Moustiers (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) 
from about 1679 into the 19th century.  The wares manufactured in the 17th and 18th centuries were so distinctive, and of such high quality, that they were extensively copied at other faience centres in France.
According to tradition, a monk, originally from Faenza, a major Italian centre for the production of maiolica, gave the secret of faience making to a local potter named  Antoine Clérissy , who established the most important factory in Moustiers and founded a dynasty of faienciers active until the late 18th century.
Characteristic Clérissy faience, which is blue and white (my favorite one!), falls into two periods:
In the early period (1680-1710), decoration was inspired by the engravings of  Antonio Tempesta  (Italian painter and engraver 1555-1630) in the later period (1710-40), by the engravings of  Jean Bérain the Elder , whose designs greatly influenced French decorative art at the time.
Wares in the Bérain style, for which Moustiers is probably most famous, are delicate and fanciful; large dishes, for example, are decorated with a spidery net, made up of arabesques, architectural motifs, birds, vases of flowers, and the like, which serves as a frame for a classical scene.

Another important Moustiers factory was that of Joseph Olerys, founded in 1738 and active until c. 1793.  Olerys introduced polychrome decoration, producing faience in the Bérain style painted in purple, soft green, and orange as well as blue.  Other polychrome faience wares produced by this factory were decorated with such designs as chinoiseries (designs in the Chinese manner), military motifs, medallions, and....
Nineteenth-century Moustiers faience consisted of reproductions of earlier wares.

"Blue and white"

Saupoudreuse Moustiers 18th century  -  Sugar caster

La Rochelle

Clermont Ferrand 18th century

Nevers 1748

Delft - 18th century

Delft 18th century

Nevers 18th century

Sinceny 18th century

'decor animé - animals

Bordeaux 18th century

Alsace Lorraine


'Plats a barbe'


Auxerre 18th century
Auxerre 18th century

Region Est


'decor d'oiseau'  -  Birds

Ancy le Franc 18th century


Alsace Lorraine

'Raffraichissoir a bouteille' de Moustiers - 18th century

Moustiers 18th century

'decor animé - campagnard' - rural

Auxerre 18th century


Moustiers 18th century

Martre tolosane


'decor musical'

Angouleme 19th century

Bergerac - fabrique Babut - 18th century

Do you like to see more?

All 300 items with full description:
Hotels des Ventes du Périgord - Commissaire A.Biraben


And the "Fashion-Painting" for Week 24:

The Four Times of Day: Midday (detail), 1739-41
by Nicolas Lancret, 1690 - 1743
National Gallery, London

Nicolas Lancret, French painter, born in Paris,
became a brilliant depicter of light comedy which reflected
the tastes and manners of French society under the regent Orleans.



coming soon:
Old Linen and Lavender


  1. You must get a big load of this lovely earthenwear pieces. Everything I have which belonged to one of my departed relatives means so much to me. And, I've been collecting all my life to find treasures to join them. Let us know what you purchase. And, love love love the linen. xx's

  2. Dear Karin, Yes, I would like to see more. The collection is in remarkably good condition. I see little crazing or other damage, so unusual for their age. Thank you for these most interesting two posts.

  3. wonderful items!! your comment was sooo great in my blog!!!! you made my day so i wanna make your day and become as reader :) :)

  4. Thank you - akissfromthepast!
    Big pleasure to have a reader from Finland! And Your blog is certainly very interesting!

  5. ooooooooooohh karin this is unbearable ! they are WONDERFUL i own 1 ! blue and white one from 1750 and several tiles of the period I LOVE THEM yes lets see more what a treat to see them AND THE LINEN i may faint ! are you going to buy some Im GREEN ! thanx for your visit Fay xx

  6. What beautiful pieces. We love the blue and white pieces! You always share the most delightful images and information.

  7. A wonderful collection, Karin - thanks for showing these. It brought back memories, too, of visiting Moustiers a couple of years ago - a beautiful part of France.

  8. Hi Karin~ I would love any of those beautiful pieces...just one! Are you interested in any of them?
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. This collection is fabulous!!! I would love to have some of them for my kitchen cabinet!
    Wish you a nice rest of the week!