Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Spring development...."

Day one...

....first blossoms on our  
"we don't know what kind of tree" 
 It is the earliest flowering one of all our fruit trees
with late ripening fruits like large cherries,
providing a feast for the birds in June/July!

Day two....

...literally over night !


Under normal weather condition 
- normal for our region the Périgord -
first buds and blossoms appear in early to mid February!
But since a few years and harder winters
flowering starts later and later...and later...
Nothing seems to be "normal" any longer...

Oh, 'those days' in February with clear blue skies
and warm temperatures...

 ...when Oskar was just about one year old, 6 years ago,
and loved to climb up into that tree...


Bon Weekend !


Thanks to all my dear blogger friends for your kind and lovely comments
to my previous post "the red-truck-dream" and all the others!
Now - I'm back to earth!


  1. Très mignon Oscar sur les branches d'amandiers ! Belle dimanche relaxante Karin!

  2. Karin, that cat is precious. He's everywhere you are, isn't he. And, the blossoms are definitely Mother Nature at work. xx's

  3. Je ferais bien comme Oscar, je grimperais bien dans cet arbre fruitier en fleurs.
    Des photos qui apporte une belle note d'optimisme avec l'arrivée de Demoiselle Printemps.
    Gros bisous

  4. You give me hope that spring is almost here Karin. Oskar's baby picture is cute!


  5. Lovely photographs, Karin. Of course, I like Oskar's best of all. The close-up blossoms photograph with the dark background is especially nice. Happy weekend to you. ox, Gina

  6. HI Karin!
    How are you??????? just love these pictures.... The blooms ar gorgeous...... Are you sure you didn't send Pskar up in the tree to TAKE the Pictures??????????? Maryanne xo

  7. Send some of those beautiful Spring blossoms to Chicago!! :D I am so ready for Spring!

  8. Spring has sprung!+ thank you for the photos. Loved the one of Oskar(at a younger age)

  9. Oh I love your photographs today. I really loved seeing your kitty. My Meeps can't go outside, too much traffic but I think she would love to climb this tree.

  10. Bonjour Karin,
    So wonderful to be home and back to blogging :) I only saw a few cherry trees in bloom last week in London and Paris. I hear it is cold in Europe this week. So looking forward to spring!! Your fruit tree is glorious. What a show!!
    Take care, mon amie :)

  11. There is always and air of hope and renewal when Spring.
    Oskar reminds me of our cat Tiger - they could have been twins! Tiger went to heaven many years ago, but we still talk about her with great affection and lament our loss. Bisous

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