Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week 24 - Newsletter from the Périgord - 1 - Coming up at Auction

  Next Sunday - in Bergerac

Hôtels Des Ventes Du Périgord
South-West France 

 19 June 2011 - 14h30
An unusual large Collection of Céramiques - Faiences

Faïences françaises et étrangères XVIIIe-XIXe:
Ancy le Franc, Auvillar, Angouleme, Auxerre, Bergerac, Bordeaux,
Delft, Est, Italie, La Rochelle, Marseille, Martres Tolosane,
Moncaut, Nevers, Saintes, Sainte Foy la Grande, Samadet, Sceaux,
Sinceny, Strasbourg, Sud Ouest, Thiviers.......

Toulouse Collection de faïences de Moustiers
Collection du Docteur B. et a divers...

Plats a barbe en faïence  18th - 19th century

Ensemble de faïences de Moustiers XVIII siècle

Assiettes a décor animé - 18th and 19th century

Assiettes a décor animé

Assiettes a décor de Chinois - 18th and 19th century

Assiettes a décor animé 

 Assiettes a décor d'oiseau

 Assiettes a décor révolutionnaires - 18th century

Ensemble de faïences de Moustiers - 18th century

La Rochelle - "Marie Geffrier 1758"

'decor révolutionionnaires'

Bouquetière Moustiers 18th century

Moustiers 18th century


'decor florale' -  Flowers


Soupière - late 18th century - Alsace Lorraine

Bergerac - Fabrique Bonnet 18th century

Bonnet - Bergerac 18th century



'Martre tolosane' Moustiers 18th

Saladiére - Auxerre 19th century

Bouquetière - Moustiers - 18th century

Martre Tolosane Moustiers


'Bouquetiere a table'


'decor Chinois'

Plat en faïence 18th century, 26 cm diamètre



Who ever Docteur B. was - he was definitely a very passionate collector!
A collector with 'heart and soul'
Very exiting!

'Bouquetiere et rafraichissoirs a verres' - Moustiers 18th century

 Pièces de forme XVIIIeme et XIXeme - 18th and 19th century

 An extraordinary collection of over 300 Faiences!
So many pieces...and I only selected a "few" to show...I have to continue...
 - Blue and White - 'decor animé' - birds - music - 'campagnard' - and Moustiers


  On this occasion I would like
to express a special thanks
 ginaceramics - Art and Alfalfa

for her great support and encouragement when I started blogging.
Herzlichen Dank liebe Gina - Merci beaucoup!

"...teaching special workshops in Historic Tile painting.....
I have always admired a certain type of hand painted ceramics;
the more colorful and robust tin glaze ceramics of the Italian Renaissance.....
I have painted since childhood.
Learning how to paint in the Maiolica style was not difficult.
All I needed were a few intensive lessons from several very fine teachers
in Italy and other parts of Europe.  I paint almost every day!...."


  1. Hi,

    You have a wonderful collection, but, now I'm jealous :D


  2. Hi Karin! I love the photos of the ceramics and the link to Gina Ceramics! I will be in touch with Gina, for sure! I tried to find an English translation for the word MOUSTIER without luck.
    I first thought platter, then large plate, then there were other forms. I am confused.
    Can you provide a translation of MOUSTIERS?
    Thank you!]

  3. cnjhooker:
    Mouistiers is a town in South of France 'Alpes-de-Haute-Provence' near Gorges. Fabrication of Faiences started there in the 17th Century. More information about in my next post 'part 2'.
    Helpful so far?
    Many Greetings and thank you very much, Christine, for your visit and comment!

  4. Dear Karin, First I was drooling over these beautiful French antiques and then I was so happy to know that there would be more to admire tomorrow. And then, to my surprise and delight, I found myself in such excellent company.
    Dear Karin, you have made my day!
    Warm regards, Gina

  5. Wow Karin what a feast ! they are WONDERFUL somebody is goigng t be a vERY lucky person to buy thoseCant wit to see the rest Love Fay xx

  6. Goodness, Karin! I amazed at your collection!

    Best of luck at the auction; if only we were on the same continent.

    I hope that some day you and Gina meet up!

  7. So these pieces are at auction right? There are some lovely pieces but my favorite would be the flower frogs/holders. Are yuo going to bid on any of them? Have a lovely evening Karin!

  8. Hi Karin~ That collection is massive! It is all so beautiful. Are you going to try to purchase any?
    Have a wonderful Monday.