Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Week 23 - 'little hat parade'

Whenever you wear your hat,
your day will be special
-Margo Nickel-

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's


Vintage hat, bought 1983 in New York.

During strolling up and down all the 'Avenues', passing Tiffany's, humming 'Moon river',
I discovered a beautiful hat box in the window display of a hat shop.
I went in and asked if this box is for sale.
"Oh no, only if you're a regular customer or - maybe - buying a few hats, then the box comes with..." 
There wasn't really a single hat in my price range I would 'die' for, and I had already quite a lot of hats,
but the hat box had black and white stripes and I desparetely wanted it!
So, I  looked for the lowest priced hats, gave them my biggest smile,
  bought this hat and another one and left the shop happily with the box!
Unfortunately I lost over the years the other hat  and the box - somewhere! 
Just one of this 'life stories'....

Maurice Chevalier


famous French 'boater' hats...

from my hat collection
late 19th century to early 20th century

French  1930's

One of my vintage hats, 1980's
created by  elke martensen hamburg

on a 1920's hat box



Louise Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 16 April 1755 - 30 March 1842,
A French painter, recognized as the most famous female painter of the 18th century.
Her style is generally considered Rococo and shows interest in the subject of neoclassical painting.

Self-portrait in a Straw Hat, 1782
National Gallery, London

Vigée Le Brun cannot be considered a pure Neoclassist, however,
in that she creates mostly portraits in Neoclassical dress
rather than the History painting.
In her choice of color and style
while serving as the portrait painter to Marie Antoinette,
Vigée Le Brun is purely Rococo.

Self-portrait, painted at Florence, 1790


More hats....
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"When straw calls......"
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"auf den hut gekommen"
by Elke Martensen
At the time, up to the 1980's, when I was still living in Hamburg,
I had all my hat's created by Elke.
So good to find out that she is still creating!

Week 23 - Diary 2011 National Gallery, London

Best wishes for a "well-sheltered" week!

Wuensche eine 'gut behuetete' Woche!


  1. Love the whole thing! The boaters are so cute, you have tons of them!!!! Each with their own personality.... Love the little one tiwh the pink bow, reminds me of one I got from a French Canadian designer........ I still wear it.....
    Hugs Maryanne

  2. What a fabulous collection! I bet each and every hat has a little story or two to tell. I love especially the French boaters hat...so charming!

  3. I love hats and and I have many hats, but I wear them seldom!

    C'est dommage!


  4. Franka,
    abgesehen von einem Sonnenhut von Zeit zu Zeit, trage ich ueberhaupt keine Huete mehr, meine 'bessere Haelfte' mag mich nicht mit Hut! So leben die guten Stuecke alle in Schachteln!
    Oui, quelle dommage!

  5. A fine collection! Love the self-portrait of Louise le Brun, the girl responsible for many portraits of Marie-Antoinette.

    My Mother's hat box is gathering spider webs over in our shed. I've upholstered it once but it needs refreshing.

    Lovely post, Karin.

  6. I just adore straw hats; however, have never felt that they look as good on me as others. Going to give it another try.
    XO Angela

  7. I love the thought that you bought two hats just so you could have the hat box!

    I have a straw hat that I love wearing in the summertime. But I'm thinking that a second one, in black, as you've shown, would be wonderful to have!

    Isn't Audrey Hepburn just the most elegant role model?

  8. Hello my dear,

    I love your collection of hats, they are all so beautiful. You have really great taste.

    Greetings and hugs

  9. Hi how beautiful ,I love to see old hats and thier boxes and wonder WHO wore them thankyou have a great weekend Fay x