Monday, 9 May 2011

Week 19

A Girl with a Kitten, 1745
Attributed to Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, Paris c.1715 - Amsterdam 1783
French painter who specialized in portraits executed in pastels.

Perronneau began his career as an engraver, apparently studying with Laurent Cars,
whose portrait he drew, and working for the 
entrepreneurial printseller Gabriel Huquier, rue Saint-Jaques, Paris,
making his first portraits in oils, and especially in pastels, in the 1740s.
His career was much in the shadow of the master 
of the French pastel portrait, Maurice Quentin de La Tour.
In the Salon of 1750, Perronneau exhibited his pastel portrait 
of Maurice Quentin de La Tour, but found to his dismay 
that La Tour was exhibiting his own self portrait, perhaps a malicious confrontation
to demonstrate his superiority in the technique.

He made his Salon debut with a pastel portrait in 1746 and received
full membership in the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in 1753,
with portraits of fellow artist Jean-Baptiste Oudry and
 the sculptor Lambert-Sigisbert Adam, both now at the Louvre Museum.
After 1779 he no longer exhibited in the Paris Salon, 
but the clientele in his portraits reveal how widely he travelled in the provinces of France,
with a group of sitters connected with Orléans, but also in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon.
Farther afield he may have been in Turin and Rome,
and in Spain, Hamburg, Poland, Russia and England.

Image from the Diary 2011-Week 19, National Gallery London


Flowering corners and arch-ways  'for week 19'

after a beautiful sunset on Mother's Day


 a 'few' white Peonies...

 already flowering


another 'red-color-spot'

 Rhododendron, complementing the white Deutzia sabra 'Candissima'

 and evergreen Fatsia Japonica


 "Weissdorn" - Fire thorn

The perfect nesting-house for a pair of Black Birds...and others.... 



 Gladiolus byzantinus amongst Sage 'Jerusalem'

Philadelphus "Syringa" (Mock orange) with a heavy jasmine-like  sent

next to 

  the "Perueckenbaum" - Cotinus coggygria (Smoke tree)


The  Poppy orientale

not very happy anymore, being next to a Rosemary which has taken over!

 the beautiful blossoms reach the size of  7" diameter when fully open!


'en passant'.....
One of our Hoopoe's...

Eurasian Hoopoe

'strutting and picking around'....


And at the end of the garden
a branch of Bamboo created a wonderful green arch-way by leaning into a tree


'going wild'

 wild Marguerites in our Alfalfa and English rye grass field

a heaven for all kind of butterflies, bees, humble birds and.....

wild Orchid's appeared all over the place...


Flowering greetings for this week to everybody!


  1. hello,

    I love this kind of paintings specialy of the XVIII centery. Your garden whit the flowers looks "splendide"!!!

    Bonne journée

  2. Der Wiedehopf in deinem Paradies ist ja entzückend!


  3. shes wonderful I love it
    and shes on my wall ! Fay xx

  4. Please send the Eurasian Hoopoe my way. I've never seen one before!

    The mock orange- I'd wear that scent if they could get it right. We do not have mock orange or any poppies in our garden. I don't know why! I need to change that!

    And the Girl With a Kitten is breathtaking. Just lovely- everything!

  5. Gorgeous Karin! The whole post! Takes me away...and wishing I could even attempt half of what you have accomplished in your gardens! Thanks for always sharing some of your daily beauty!

  6. That bird!!! See several shrubs that I'm hoping to add...esp. the Philadelphus (trying to get Belle Etoile). Choisia Ternata is another mock orange" I need to add. Everything looks so beautiful Karin! Have a wonderful week! XOXO Trish