Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Week 20 - Italy

Diary 2011, National Gallery London

Portrait of a Boy - Italian, Florentine, about 1545



Piazza del Duomo


Florentine Hats..

Empress Eugenie (1829-1919), wearing a Florentine hat
Portrait by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, German artist, 1805-1873

Hats of the 1930s:
'The wide trim and the high crown had been lost to almost of generation,
however, in about 1934 milliners looked to Europe for inspiration.
Hats in much wider variety of styles than had been spied for well over a decade,
were at last back in fashion'

One of the most typical styles that captures the era is the 'Florentine' hat

Lady in a Florentine Hat
by Leo Putz, German artist, 1869-1940


"Florentiner Spitzen - Florentine laces"

Here a German 'Florentine' lace curtain,
very fashionable during the first half of 20th Century  (found at ebay)


Julius Fucik, Czech composer and conductor, 1872-1916


 'Florentine cookies' - Honey and Almonds


Ah... Bella Firenze!
Would love to visit...one day....

...spending a few day's or more.....
in this fabulous Hotel

The Four Seasons Firenze


Conventino Presidential Suite


Gallery Suite  (would suit me perfectly!)


The Spa


The 'Garden'...



Oh well, I'll keep it as one of my dreams.....

meanwhile I enjoy...

first buds and flowers of our Oleander


the Pomegranate shrub

Yucca filamentosa

or is it a Yucca baccata? (changing color by the day)


the aromatic scent...

of the Curry plant - Helichrysum italicum
A silver foliaged herb whose leaves smell strongly of curry.
Yellow flowers make this an attractive plant for a herbal border or garden.


first signs of grapes

lots of interesting and beautiful beatle's

early (and first) flowering Lavender

Lavendula angustifolia 'Hidcote', from the Mediterranean


amusing myself by playing around with hats...

"Hat on Hat"

 Périgordian Florentine-style hat

and Oskar is bored, decided to 'hold'...

Siesta under an olive tree
Dolce far niente!

Ponte Vecchio

I'll keep dreaming of Bella Italia!

Images Florence:
www.fourseasons.com/florence and internet


  1. Would love to visit and stay at the Four Seasons Firenze. Wow, soooo beautiful, but most likely out of my budget. I will keep dreaming. Love your garden. Have a beautiful day!

  2. O yes Florenz is such a lovely town filled with light and art!!!
    (Vor sieben Jahren war ich mal dort.)

    But your hats are lovely as well!

    Ich bin auch so eine Hutfetischistin - nur setz ich meine viel zu selten auf!

    Herzlicher Gruß!

  3. My eyes get misty when I think of the days we spent in Florence. It's so close to you! And it takes us 30 hours to get there!

    Your garden is a picture; I'm fascinated by that Yucca.

    Happy days,

  4. Hello,

    Your garden is so beautiful, you must been prood on your garden. And the gallery Suite I alsowould suit me perfectly :-)

    A bientôt

  5. You see Piazza del Duomo, I have a textile dealer right up the street from there….lol. I love Florence and will be there hopefully in November but not at the Four Seasons to rich for me. I love your yucca plant we used to grow those in Arizona and your home is wonderful! Ahhhh, now I see why you’re playing with hats….vino time!

  6. Firenze is one of my favorite cities- always something to discover, a source of constant amazement and incredible art. Karin- how long would it take you too drive there? Wouldn't it be fun to meet there?

    Is your oleander in pots or in the ground? I love how the white oleander flowers' scent.

    I've never seen a pomegranate shrub in person! And that yucca- wow!

  7. SO beautiful! I want to go to all the places you talked about.
    Your weather looks so nice and warm. Love seeing what your kitty is up to (Oscar?).
    Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for these lovely reminders of a gorgeous city (that last photo, especially, is stunning and seems to capture perfectly the spirit of Florence). And no, no, surely the Gallery Suite has my name on the door?! You do have the compensation of living in a bit of Paradise, though (Oskar really chooses the best spots for siestas!)

  9. Just Lovely Karin!
    You dream of Italy and I'll just dream of your garden and pool! Beautiful! :)

  10. What gorgeus pictures!!!That hotel is on my bucket list! I love the pictures of the Florentine hats on the Empress and the other woman. Just gorgeous.......All of those imafges were great.. Just drop me off at the spa. Oh and I love soaps from there.....Maryanne xo

  11. OMG! It's Heaven! Richard at My Old Historic House. OMG!!!!

  12. Karin lovely surprise loved your story pop over to me and you will see lots of Florence My home city and the Four Seasons is my local !! thys are wonderful people there hope to see you here one day :Love fay xx

  13. we are on the same wavelength it seems, I have just posted about straw hats, I love the old shapes and thankfully they remain relatively unaltered in style.