Saturday, 28 May 2011

Last Weekend in May....

and it feels already like summer, hot, dry...

...and more 'early buds and flowering'

 On Friday..gray sky...clouds...rain????  we hope!!!

 Hydrangea quercifolia - Oak-leaved Hydrangea
four weeks too early!

only a few drops of rain...not worth counting! But still hoping...

Clematis jackmanii 
'complementing' the lime stone wall on this corner

and starts normally flowering in July!!!

love the color - changing with the light

no rain in sight!

Saturday morning - blue sky and sunshine again...

 these Hydrangeas are also already coming into flower

'Lace caps' and
'regular' ones

A small 'Lace cap' - from a cutting, still in a pot in the 'nursery-corner'

the Oleanders are now almost in full flower, also a good 3-4 weeks earlier

Cotton Lavender - Santolina chamaecyparissus
evergreen, summer-flowering shrub (mid summer!)

Acanthus - Acanthaceae dioscoridis  (normally beginning of July)

 Lavender and...
...more Lavender

  All in all - everything is a good month early, what will we do in full summer???

But as everything has 'two sides'..

 Anneliese's rose keeps on flowering longer this year

welcoming us each day with new blossoms


His Highness is not too unhappy....

...and we wish you all a lovely Weekend!


By the way..


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  1. Hello,

    Beautiful pics and i loke your roses!

    Have a nice weekend to!

  2. I'd like to be *Oskar* in your amazing garden - wandering around and adoring all the beautiful flowers!!!

    Bei uns ist auch ALLES strohtrocken und wir hoffen ebenfalls auf Regen (nur nicht heute zur *blauen Nacht*)!

    Herzlicher Gruß!

  3. Liebe Franka,
    Yes, I would like to be Oskar - from time to time!
    Just hanging around, getting 'my food' and not have to worry about anything.....
    Cats life!

  4. Merci Jerôme!
    Et encore merci beaucoup pour le Blogger award!
    Quelle compliment! Je suis honoré!

  5. Bungiorno ... love the Clematis and the Lavender beautiful summery pictures enjoy weekend Fay xxx

  6. Oh Karin!

    Such beauty. Your soil must be very good to have so many blossoms and happy plants with the drought.

    I've never grown acanthus, so I'll be admiring from afar!

    Have a wonderful weekend. We are to go into the 90 degrees + beginning tomorrow. (Booo!)

  7. Thank you Ann!
    No, our soil is not good at all. Very poor and lime (calcaire) and stones! But I 'trained' the plants we've got over the years to cope with dry and hot weather. Nature is miracelous! Some Hydrangaes we plant in a container and others are in large pots, they hate lime soil and, as you certainly know, they prefer a kind of asside soil!
    Au contraire: Lavender, Santonlina, Rosemary and all the herbs, Hellebores, also some Peonies, the fig trees, walnut trees, and others, particularly the olive trees, seem to be very happy in this poor, but well drained, soil.
    And - I always talk to my plants!
    Sunny Weekend!

  8. Karin, I am so envious of your blue skies and sunshine, and to be hoping for rain! Here in England we have more than enough of the damn wet stuff, grey skies and far too chilly temperatures. We've had some teenage boys from Frankfurt staying with us this week, and they say Germany is dry and hot too. I would so happily trade our weather for theirs and yours!
    And thanks for the mention of the Scorsese film, both on my blog and here on yours - it's reminded me that I actually have this on DVD but have never watched it, so today is the day - a rainy Sunday of Dylan-watching!
    Karen x

  9. Hi Karen,
    please send the rain down to us!
    Although it's very nice today, sunny and not too hot and I'll spend the afternoon hanging around the pool, we urgently need WATER!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the Dylan DVD.
    And let me say that your post about Bob is just wonderful!!!

  10. Seeing your garden always makes me smile. Adore the hydrangeas! Having to water almost daily in our garden here. We need rain as well. Wishing you a rainy day!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos of your flowers! Love His Highness too. :)