Monday, 2 May 2011

Week 18

"Oh What A Beautiful Morning....."


Oh, what a beautiful Day!

First blossoms of 'Anneliese's rose  (my mothers one)..



see also post from Trish -
Peonies in a French garden, May 2010



 Meine roten Farbtupfer  -  My red color-spots

'single' peony


The German 'farmer's peony

and the

Tree peony are saying bye-bye ... until next year!


Oh, what a beautiful morning....

Oh, what a beautiful day,
I got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's going my way,

William Hogarth, 1697 - 1764  -  The Graham Children (detail), 1742 (Diary 2011 National Gallery, London)

for  'Week 18'

Best wishes for this first May-week to all of You!


  1. All right Mrs. Barron why is Oskar up on the roof? I LOVE YOUR YELLOW AND ORANGE TIPPED ROSES! Dylan dog and I are going to head to the garden center at lunchtime to see if the rose shipment has come in yet, I’m buying more roses. Boy your place is really in bloom right now isn’t it? Such beautiful images! Enjoy your day Karin!

  2. The cat on the (hot) roof! :-)

    Ich geh jetzt auch noch ins Gartencenter.
    Dein Garten hat mich inspiriert!

    Lieber Gruß!

  3. Why is Oskar up on the roof???
    He's playing 'Tennessee Williams'!!!

    The rose was planted by Mr. B about 25 years ago and as far he can remember the name is 'Harlequinade', quite suitable for this pretty one.
    And yes, in and on every corner of the garden there is something flowering.
    Happy rose-hunting dear Debra!

  4. Genau so ist es mit Oskar liebe Franka!

    Viel Spass und Erfolg im "gruenen Bereich"
    und ganz liebe Gruesse nach Franken.

  5. Karin-
    I'll take up the slack for the tree peonies- ours should be blooming in a week or two. First we need some sunshine, though!

    Happy first week of May to you!

  6. Karin, love the roses and peonies. We can't grow peonies in South Louisiana and I so long to have some. Yours are beautiful! Wishing you a blessed week!

  7. Loved the pics of your flowers! My roses are still canes with little tiny new growth just starting to come out. It is so cold here still. I love Oscar! He is such a cutie!
    Have a great week Karin!
    Best to you~

  8. Hello,

    I love the pics of this garden, is sooooo beautiful!!!
    Thank you to be a follower of my blog.


  9. hello Karin thankyou for you kind words glald you enjoyed it it WAS lovely wasnt it You have bEAUTIFUL Images love the roses and the Baroque arhitecture and BACH and poems all things which I enjoy see you soon Fay xx

  10. Such gorgeous images...spectacular flowers. My roses and peonies have started blooming, and I'm thrilled!!

  11. Ah...newlyweds! And who wouldn't be on a cloud with a garden like yours to wake up to! My peonies are tight little buds. I'm hovering over them...counting...saying a little prayer! XOXO Trish

  12. Oh Trish - looking so much forward to see your peonies!!!! Can't wait!

    Our tree peonies are gone, the "German's" as well and I have already 2 blossom on a white perennial one. Not all that many buds this year, lots of leaves, and really a bit too early. First. everything was very late, and now nearly everything is flowering at the same time and not long lasting, crazy year! What will we have in June in our garden here???

    Thanks for your lovely comment!

  13. Beautiful garden! Love those peonies...
    Happy May! :)