Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Something I always wanted to do.....

This month's topic for our group
 "By Invitation Only": 

Being or doing something unusual, fantastic, eccentric or crazy...
or - something we always wanted to be or to do. 
In my earlier days I had in mind and dreamed about...

...driving a big red truck on the famous Route 66 in the US....

...being the "Queen of the road"....

..."riding" along, listening to country music -

and old Western cowboy ballads....

"High on a mountain in western Montana
A silhouette moves 'cross a cinnamon sky
Riding alone on a horse he called Music
With a song on his lips, and a tear in his eye

He dreams of a time, and a lady that loved him
And how he would sing her sweet lullabies
But we don't ever ask him
And he never talks about her
Guess it is better to just let it slide

But sang "ooh" to the ladies
And ooh, he made some sigh
Now he rides away on a horse he called Music
With a pain in his heart and a tear in his eye

He rode the Music from Boston to Bozeman
For not too much money, but way to much ride
But those were the days when a horse he called Music
Could jump through the moon and sail across the sky

...Now all that's left is a time-old worn cowboy
With nothin' more than the sweet by-and-by
And trailing behind, is a horse with no rider
A horse he calls memories that she used to ride

And he sang "ooh" to the ladies
And ooh, he damn near made some fall right down and die
Now he rides away on a horse he called Music
With a pain in his heart and a tear in his eye

High on a mountain in western Montana
Two crosses cut, through a cinnamon sky
Marking the place where a horse he called Music
Lays with a cowboy in the sweet by-and-by..."


 In my today's fantasy I'm "on the road",

  ...and at an old truck stop...

 ...somewhere in Oklahoma...

I'll meet

 Kris Kristofferson


Willi Nelson



Merle Haggard.....


These guys are already waiting for me...

to play the guitars and to sing - 
only for me!

Yeah! that would be great !



the big red truck was just a dream.


I ended up with "something en miniature" - a 3,5 ton red VW Van,
 in which I drove over the years for almost 420 thousand KM,
transporting my antiques back- and forwards from country to country. 
Sitting high up, overlooking the roads, listening to my musics,
 felt a bit being "Queen of the road"...and still do...


...Route 66 with its "kicks" is still waiting for me....


Please visit Marsha's blog

to share a day of fantasy with our group...

 ...have a great day and a fantastic week!

All photos from internet


  1. Dear Karin,
    I'm very amused!

    Later I'll listen to *your* music!

    ♥ Franka

  2. What a lovely post. Your fantasy has me hooked ... I would love to do the same!

  3. This is awesome, Karin! I would never have imagined this particular dream coming from such an international woman. My son knows all these musicians, has hung out with them, and photographed all of them, so if you decide to come on over we can make it happen for you :)'s. Kris has always been a dreamboat to me. Now, about driving that big rig? Not so sure....

    You never cease to amaze me. Really, all the women of "By Invitation Only" amaze me almost daily. We are all so fortunate, especially me. I love you, my quixotic friend.

  4. Dear Karin, Why am I not surprised. I have met your independent spirit. When you come this way with your red 18-wheeler we have parking for your rig, we have a good shower, a cooling swim in our pond/lake and more Merle Haggart and Johny Cash and all the rest. Great post, Karin. ox, Gina

  5. Karin! Now I have to agree with Marsha, I NEVER would have seen this one coming and that is what makes it so perfect! And perfectly you, music included...
    Gros Bisous to you, Spring is on its way!

  6. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:http://algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br/
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  7. Karin, I have to echo Marsha and Heather, this has to be the biggest surprise!! And does the truck have to be red, or would any colour do? :)
    hope all is well in the Perigord


  8. Karin....who knew!! A big red truck huh? This was a fun and adventurous read.....thanks for putting together such a fun post!! See you on rte. 66 during my cross country trip:) Maybe we can meet up at that truck stop!

  9. Karin ........ what a brilliant dream to have ..... a free spirit out on the road, going where ever your fancy takes you !!
    I really hope that you actually do it one day !!!! hehe. XXXX

  10. I would never have imagined that this would be your dream. Fantastic! Love it.

  11. Karin!
    An unexpected fantastic unusual side to your character!
    I can relate to the truck-driver fantasy -- but the whole Western and country thang, girl, well, I declare!
    You are multi-faceted indeed!
    Go, dreamer!

  12. Dear Karin!
    So funny, I would never have guessed....sat here scratching my head and then read other comments that mirrored my same thoughts! I guess for me living in the US, it would be a fantasy to live as you do in the French Countryside....I have missed our conversations and I have not updated my blog or taken the time to even read very many. My mother passed away last week - the months leading up to it have been so very emotionally and physically stressful. I am looking forward to reconnecting...and btw, I loved the post on the vintage and antique textiles with all the monograms....so beautiful!!

  13. You're just a country girl at heart huh Karin? Makes me smile but pick a different route then route 66 it's getting a bit run down along the way.


  14. Karen

    That sounds like so much fun!! Can I come?!!

  15. Love that you want to drive that big rig in red. The songs are so great. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  16. Karin, this was a treat, made me smile the entire time! What we truly keep deep in our hearts for ourselves alone...I see a true adventurous spirit and a girl who relies on her own devices to make things happen...N.xo

  17. Karin-
    I've never done one of these nominations before - Don't even know if it's legit. But, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check it out on the Little Red Diary if you are interested. You have such a fabulous Blog!

  18. Hello Karin

    I love your dream and you so beautifully describe it. I can just envision you driving along.You have chosen three of my favourite country singers. I had the pleasure of riding a horse, at night time under a full moon on an old road which was formerly a part of Route 66, near Wickenburg, Arizona.
    I hope some day your dream is realized.

    Helen xx

  19. An unexpected dream - I was taken by surprise! But most people have a facet of their personality or a hobby that is not predictable. Loved the music clips too. Bisous