Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thanksgiving Greetings

Willem van Aelst, 16 May 1627 – in or after 1683


Our rural ancestors, with little blest,
Patient of labour when the end was rest,
Indulged the day that housed their annual grain,
With feasts, and off'rings, and a thankful strain.

~Alexander Pope
(21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744)

German "Erntedankfest"

Remember God's bounty in the year. 
String the pearls of His favor. 
Hide the dark parts, except so far as they are breaking out in light! 
Give this one day to thanks, to joy, to gratitude! 
~Henry Ward Beecher



  1. Beautiful, Karin! Having a heart full of gratitude is suitable every day of the year.

  2. Dear Karin and dear Mr. R. We wish you a most wonderful day. Love the Erntedankfest rug. I remember sitting on top of the last Wheat bundles, carried into our village by horse drawn wagons and celebrating the last harvest of the year.

  3. Blessings to you, Karin, & to your family and furry friends.