Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Something is flowering....

......despite the dreary gray weather,  
rain, heavy wind - over the last two weeks.



This rather old lilac tree doesn't mind this weather condition at all...

...neither does the bumble bee...

...nor   Clematis Montana  .....


...and Mexican Orange - Choisya ternata

But.... 'beauty', the tree peony.....

should look by now like last year in April      here 

as well as some of the Peony shrubs...

At least I do not have to schlepp any longer watering cans around - every day!

Due to the drought last year and no proper rain during the winter and early spring months,
not only the nature was suffering, 
also the groundwater level went too low and has to be raised up urgently,
which means that it should rain and rain and rain.... preferably for another 3 weeks!!!!

When the weather turned "wet" just before Easter I was so pleased and prayed for weeks of steady rain.
Except that temperatures fell as low as plus 2 degrees Celsius in the mornings, far too cold for our region.
So, we all could do with a few warm and sunny days here and there, with a good amount of  Vitamin D...
...and certainly less heavy winds/storms.

No roses in flower so far, hardly no new shoots on the fruit trees..... like last year in early April     
  here   and    here


But - at least 
something is flowering !
Brightening-up our lives during an unusually gray and cold April

Cercis siliquastrum 


 commonly known as Judas tree... 


or Love tree


Our white Lilac...
 ...reminds me always of the old fashion German song "Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blüht..."

 And as mother nature always holds some surprises...

...our Camellia has - miraculously - survived the Sibirian cold in February!


A bientôt


By the way - next post will be  "Old Linen Part 2"   


  1. Dear Karin, breathtaking photos! I feel like taking a walk in your wonderful garden.


  2. Hello my dear karin!

    I hope that you are fine, your garden must be beautiful at the moment, too bad we can't smell odors through Blogger:(

    Greetings from a rainy Belgium

    PS I'm sure I come one day to the Perigord, and it is a lot of pleasure to have this invitation from you. But, you should definitely come in the Belgian Ardennes. Who knows, one day...

    1. Jerôme, I'm just convinced that we will meet one day, for sure! One or the other way...

  3. Hello Karin--you always seem to post just when I am wondering about you! :à Last week, Remi mentioned a possibility of going to a small town in the Pyrenees (that fell through) but I was so excited because I thought that he has said the Perigord! One day...

    And I am so fascinated that the Judas tree is also known as the Love tree--those two terms don't go together!

    One last thing, I wish I could smell the lilacs! I know that I am old-fashioned to say it but they really are one of my favorites.

    Bisous and a scratchie to Mr. Oskar,

    1. Heather, you'll come with Remi one day to the Périgord. I just know that both of you will love it!
      Interesting point you made about the Judas tree, but there is a deeper philosophy in it...

  4. Sweet Karin, your lilacs are lovely and I can smell them from here! All will be a verdant green with splashes of color soon. I know that the bees are making delicious honey.

    My colorful Oskar is on his way home from Arizona and sends a purr to yours!


  5. Beautiful photos... Happy Spring!

  6. Your garden is beautiful Karin despite a few setbacks with Mother Nature.Your peonies are simply enjoying their well deserved drink of water before rising up and opening toward the sun. Enjoy your rest after working in our gardens so much earlier this spring.


  7. Hello Karin

    Your garden is a joy to view. The bud for the tree poeny is superb, what a promise!
    The white lilac is also breathtaking.The camellia is also stunning. I am happy to hear that you are getting adequate rainfall this season.
    Thank you for this uplifting and promising post

  8. Beautiful blossoms in spite of the rain and cold. And how wonderful that your camellia survived the freeze. What gorgeous lilacs - I can hardly wait until they bloom here.

  9. Karin - I'm thrilled your garden is taking a deep breath and breathing life into all its limbs!!!Wonderful blooms and color and excitement for what is to come! Happy Spring - go do your rain dance!!! Hugs, Martha

  10. What a beautiful garden Karin and so far advanced from here in the North of England. My tree peonies are just coming away with a few green shoots and the lilac still has weeks to go before it blooms.
    Looking forward to your post on old linen...
    Julie x

  11. Hi Karin, thank you for sharing this touch of Spring....I am away in California for 10 days and am so afraid I shall miss all the blossoms and new growth at home in my own garden in Canada which is experiencing record breaking temperatures...your beautiful photos are making me even more anxious. I can't wait to see your tree peony, mine is very old, about 25 years and I am looking forward to its progress..N.xo

  12. Dear Karin, I'm so jealous. Your garden and photos are beautiful. My garden is still asleep.

  13. Dear Karin,
    How beautiful your garden is, despite the weather. We have had hardly any rain for ages and now have a hosepipe ban to conserve water but, for the past week, it has rained a lot, which is good !!!! We are off to Amsterdam on Monday and it looks like we will have a lot of rain there as well !!!!
    We have a really old lilac at the bottom of our garden, but, we are way behind you as ours shows no sign of flowering just yet. I love montana rubens....we used to have a white one which had the most wonderful perfume but, our next door neighbour cut it down by mistake and it died !!
    Enjoy your garden and enjoy the rain .... we need it !!!! XXXX

  14. What a very pretty *springgarden*!

    We need rain too!

    I wish you 23° all over the day and much rain during the night!

    ♥ Franka

  15. You're right, we need the rain, but oh dear I'm sick of it - it seems it will never stop in London at the moment!
    Your garden is just lovely! I imagine Oskar is not too charmed with the weather?