Sunday, 29 April 2012

Last April Days at La Pouyette... update of the tree peonies...
and a few images of a "gardeners diary"...

Gärtners Freud und Gärtners Leid - sie liegen eng beisammen!

Friday - 27th April....


totally spoiled by rain...

Saturday, 28th April...

rain...rain and heavy wind

"poor thing"

like wet silk paper....,sad, so sad.



...just constant rain...


Friday, 27th April....

Saturday, 28th April....



...that there are hardly any rain drops on the leaves of the sage...
it looks as though they shake off the water toute de suite or absorb it.


Oskar - not very amused....


"Let me in...."


"P L E E A A S E...."

"please...., we are fed-up!"

Oh yes, we are!
But - on the other hand...

 ...our lawn/grass hasn't been as green as this for years!

all the box is growing so fast now and has to be clipped again....

the only ray of light on a gray Saturday.....

Clematis Montana

each blossom seems to have its own personality...


Sunday, 29th April....

finally...a few "dry" hours....



a bit of sunshine....

...and blue sky...

...which I try to catch..., when and wherever I can...

first blossom-buds of  Rhododendron

again....what would we do without the Clematis this year!

...and without the tree peony!

Wish you all a sunny Sunday
and a good start to the week!


  1. Every image is wonderful, but the *Oskar images* are absolutely wonderful!

    I lost 70% of my roses!

    Nevertheless we keep on gardening!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Dear Karin, Your garden is beautiful and so are your photographs. My favorite photograph is the urn through the window with Oskar, of course. What is the name of the central cactus in the urn?. I think that Oskar needs to become a member of the International Actors Group and be paid accordingly. ox, Gina

  3. It was lovely to look at your pictures with that beautiful music in the background Karin - very clever choice :) Once again I see that in the Perigord you are at least 2 weeks ahead of us in Normandy

    warm wishes

  4. I ove your strolls through the garden and I hope you let poor Oskar inside. He looked really upset but if I know Oskar he'll be upset to be inside for to long.

    Enjoy your evening!

  5. Hello Karen

    The music is just beautiful. I am enjoyed reading this wonderful post over Moroccan Mint Tea. The peony trees are spectacular. I see you have both pink and white.
    Even in the rain all looks harmonious and peaceful except for Oskar, who have only so much tolerance, the image of him beating his teeth is priceless. Thanks for a wonderful post

    Have a spectacular week

    Helen xx

  6. Even in the wet rain, the tree peonies are standouts. The white one before it opened up with a touch of green on the base- perfection. Ours are going to town also- yeah!

    Oh- the photo you asked about:

    SARLAT une perle en Périgord noir.

    Source : Art & Décoration n°477 Paru le 12 Mars 2012

    Maybe you can locate a copy and translate the French? I hope you can find out where to go!

  7. karin, even with all the rain your peonies are still spectacular. I love Oskar and he is certainly telling you he wishes to come inside! It shows he is the boss of the household! He is so funny and you are so clever to have captured his emotions. All your photos are wonderful. The last peony photo is absolutely delicious.

  8. Hi Karin!
    Oh I hope the sunshine comes out nice and strong for you...when it does your garden will be amazing! I do not have any peonies in my garden and have to enjoy those I get from the marketplace and your photos! Your kitty reminds me of my Starla...I miss her so! :( Wishing you a great week full of sunshine and happy days!
    Take care, Laura :)

  9. So much beauty, Karin! Maybe all this rain followed by some warm May sunshine will bring your garden back to life!


  10. Dear Karin, even drenched your tree peonies are stunning! Like tissue paper! We are so far behind you....just budding here...will be waiting with anticipation for the blooms to appear soon. It has been chilly, and we have had rain all week as well. I never get enough of your beautiful garden photos...many thanks. N.xo