Sunday, 5 February 2012

snowed in....

...just over night!

After a sudden Siberian cold during the week with a nasty freezing wind, coming from the East,
whistling through every tiny cracks in the old lime stone walls throughout the whole house.
 Temperature dropped from 16 degrees plus last Sunday to minus 9 degrees on Tuesday!
Although we have central heating, our house was - and somewhat still is - like an ice box.
Because of the open rooms and partly open right up to the roof, high ceilings,
old doors and windows, it is impossible to heat every corner in a 200 year old house.
We are dressed "nach dem Zwiebelprinzip" - using the onion layer principle!
No chance for any proper desk work, not to mention typing with stiff fingers!
So, I'm busy with cooking chicken soup and boullion, boullion, boullion.....!
Nothing better than an old-fashion home made hot soup on cold winter days!

 Only 10 days ago I was dreaming of a white winter - here we are!

 Everything is wonderfully hushed with the deeps of the snow absorbing all sounds,
  also the snow on the roof providing additional insulation.
With the wind having dropped it keeps on gently snowing and it feels less freezing!

Finally - A white winter!

But now - I'm waiting for blue sky and sun!

It would just look so much more friendly and beautiful.

Bonne Dimanche!


  1. Your snow looks gorgeous Karin and like you we know about trying to keep a 222-year-old house warm. We had every wall in every room spray insulated because it seals every tiny crack. Add a wood stove and a few fireplaces and we’re good to go. We get really wicked winds here to so warmth is of the utmost!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. wonderful snowy garden. here is -30! too much...
    have a great sunday

  3. Sunny cold days!!!

    Ich bin aber froh, dass es nochmal so richtig Winter wurde.
    Yes you need soups and scarves in these icy days!

    Liebe Grüße!
    ♥ Franka

  4. Yes, a little sun in the sky to warm the air and reflect on the beautiful snow would be perfect. I grew up in a 200 year old house in New England so I know just what you mean about trying to keep it warm. You are so correct, this is the perfect weather for hot soup. Your home is so beautiful!
    Enjoy the pretty snow...Spring is right around the corner.

  5. Lovely photos Karin, I know we'll be fed up with the snow after a few days, but isn't this first day just delicious!
    Stay warm!

  6. Karin - so beautiful! We have barely had a winter at all this year in Georgia...we were up to 70 degrees yesterday! and will be mid 60's and Sunny all this week coming up. It sounds wonderful, right? But they are saying it will harm all the creatures who hibernate...not enough sleep and not enough food when they awake.

    Your photos are lovely as usually! I can just hear the quiet snowflakes gently falling, decorating your yard and home one little piece of lace at a time!
    Blessings dear friend - stay warm!

  7. Your photos are wonderful. Freshly fallen snow is so beautiful. Enjoy the beauty and stay cozy.

  8. Beautiful! We had the same snow overnight ... we both got what we wished for! Stay warm xo

    1. Hi Karin! Looks beautiful all covered in white!

      I love simmering a pot of broth when it's snowy and cold outside. We've only had two snows this winter- amazing. It feels like we are living a southern state. I am sure we'll get socked with a few more snowstorms, so we are all thanking our lucky stars that we don't have to shovel and drive in snow!

  9. Love your images. From warm Australia, your snow looks magical, but reading about the cold in you 200 year old house , certainly makes it lose its appeal - even when the sun is shining! My joints are aching in sympathy!

  10. I love it! remeinds me of my childhood in North East England. As long as there is a rip roaring fire blazing in the home it's great! I love the photo's.
    bee x