Sunday, 26 February 2012

'being in the Antique mood'

The snow is gone...
...I'm in an antique mood...
  'going Swedish'


Petworth, West Sussex, UK

Paula and her son Brandt - excellent Antique dealers, highly talented interior designers,
and over the years always good collagues when I exhibited at the
Decorative Antiques Fair, Battersea, London





For me...
nothing is better than an 18th century Swedish cupboard with its original paint.
I always have had at least one in stock.

but to avoid any confusion
 the 3 following ones are from Augustus Brandt Antiques




And I'm certainly in love with Swedish Baroque chairs, since ever!




Please visit and enjoy Brandt's Gallery


Pair of mid 18th century Baroque chairs

from the beautiful book  THE  SWEDISH  ROOM
by Lars Sjoeberg and Ursula Sjoeberg, 
Photographs by Ingalill Snitt

ISBN 0-7112-0915-4     available at


Some of my own Swedish pieces:

Mid 18th century Swedish cupboard with original paint,
sold recently, with a "crying and laughing eye"


Swedish chest of drawers in two parts, ca. 1780
 original paintwork and fittings


18th Century Swedish Cupboard in two parts, ca. 1770

one of Oskar's favourite places... overlook everything!

Although, by now he has recovered quite well from his accident in December,
he is still not supposed to jump up that high!   Naughty - naughty !


Bonne Dimanche et Bonne Semaine!
a bientôt


  1. Oh Karin I want to go shopping with you! I could use a good dose of antiquing and if we were shopping for pieces like the ones you’ve just shown I would be in heaven. I really want that table in the third image it’s fabulous. I’m so glad to hear Oskar is doing better and out of kitty jail.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Yes Debra, I could do with a real antique shopping tour as well! Together with you would be very interesting and joyful!

      I love this baroque table as well, actually had a similar one a few years ago, what a pitty that we haven't met each other earlier in life....

  2. oh yes! i love this style!
    wonderful sunday to you!

  3. Dear Karin, Every piece you have chosen is so very beautiful, so quiet and so elegant. So glad that Oskar is up and about. Happy sunday to you and yours. Gina

  4. Some gorgeous things here. I adore that giant altar candlestick! Yes please...


  5. Oh what lovely lovely things !! The armoires are so desirable ...I wish I had a bigger house...Lovely Oskar cat has only 3 legs but he is totally unaware of that fact !! I noticed your lovely German grain sacks..oh so nice ! Have a nice Sunday evening..Gail x

  6. I adore Augustus Brandt's pieces and was sorry they weren't at the last Battersea fair. So glad you were in the mood to share some Swedish style! And my heart skipped a beat to see Oskar - free from prison and leaping such heights!! So glad he is that much better ... is he allowed outside? He must be a very happy chap!

  7. Yes, I like it all! Check, check, check...

    For those of you who wish to see a wonderful assortment of incredible antiques, plan on a trip to the Périgord region and visit Karin's shop and holiday house. They are full of beauty at every turn and Karin's knowledge is extensive. We were most impressed and long to return!

  8. Bonjour Karin. Thank you for stopping by chez French Girl this week. Well, you have just taught me something about Swedish antiques! Beautiful pieces in this post, including in your personal collection. "Monsieur le Chat" seems to enjoy them too! ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Liebe Karin,
    you show us such nice and wonderful antiques!
    Diese STÜHLE!!!

    Noch einen schönen Tagesausklang!

    ♥ Franka

  10. Oh Karin, how I love Swedish cupboards and chairs! Every picture is wonderful and I have fallen in love with the table in the third imaged from the top. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely assortment of wonderful Swedish antiques.
    I am so happy to see Oskar on the mend and free of his cage. I imagine he is very, very pleased to be running around again. XX

  11. Inspiring - my imagination has gone wild with the possibilities! It's a pity that my purse doesn't match my tastes.
    Can't wait to show you through My French Folly . Oskar is very naughty, but cats are so inquisitive! Bisous.

  12. Very inspiring pics. Everything is so beautiful and I want it all...Have a great week....Heidi

  13. I need to find room for more furniture!!! I am SO into've read my mind!! I love the way they mix cool gray and blue with a warm blush pink. So subtle. The close up of the painted finishes...layer of layer of gorgeous hues! Merci XOXO Trish

  14. I just arrived here from Trish's blog, Trouvais, and I am in heaven. This is a wonderful post--I love the cupboards and chairs; just two of my passions. Thank you so much. Mary

  15. Hi Karin, just amazing pieces, you have. A great eye! If we all lived in Europe we would be in serious trouble wanting it all! I particularly love the table in third photo and the gorgeous white distressed armoire!! Pure beauty! N.xo

  16. Beautifully inspiring Karin! I hope you are feeling as well as Oskar! Oh wouldn't I love to join you on a shopping excursion as well. It would be retail therapy and a history lesson all rolled in to one! Take care of yourself!
    Talk soon,

  17. Hello Karin,

    I am fond of all these Swedish furniture! These are my favorites. Too bad they are always expensive otherwise I put the house full with Swedish furniture :S.

    Have a nice day my friend