Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A wonderful Surprise!

To find the lovely post from Ann 
about her stay at La Pouyette on: 

"Limestones, rolling hills, pomegranates, herbs and roses..."
please read all    here


It was a real pleasure to meet you,
 the memorable hours we spend together, 
tasting special aperitifs, having 'like minded' talks and...
just too short!
 We do hope to see you and Pieter again, one day.......
maybe by filling a container with lime stone slaps, 
old doors and architectural objects, or.....and......

You are always heartily welcome at La Pouyette!

Karin and Ron


  1. A lovely post - and now I'm green with envy!
    I thought Anne Derasse's renovation in your previous post was really interesting, but I have to say I prefer La Pouyette's interiors!
    All best wishes, Karen.

  2. What a wonderful place you have. I shall be adding it to my 'holidays I hope to have' file! M x

  3. Liebe Karin,
    gerade habe ich den post bei plumsiena gesehen und gelesen!

    What an extraordinary lovely and inviting guesthouse!!!

    I have to step in one day!

    Herzlicher Gruß!

  4. I loved all the pictures of your guesthouse. It reminds me of northern California in Sonoma and Napa.

  5. Karin you need to show more of your home it looks stunning. And I didn't know you had an antiques shop too, how closed mouth can you be? It was a lovely post Ann wrote you must have shown them a great time.

  6. Debra, I have shown in several posts more of the Holiday house including the interior. And - actually it is not a shop, it is my store which I keep looking a bit like a shop for special customers, by appointment only. Also for photographing.

  7. Divine! Ann's story of you and the delightful stay here was compelling... Congratulations, your home is exquisite and full of personality.


  8. Karin,
    I've already said a trip to your home would stay on my bucket list! What beautiful surroundings! And you know your store would be "Heaven on Earth" for me! Didn't see Oskar in the photos..was he hiding? You may end up with quite a few new customers from such a beautiful and glowing blog post! Joy to you! M