Sunday, 30 October 2011

My favorite Brocante - Finds....

"I prefer the company of peasants because
 they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly"
Michel de Montaigne

A few finds at my favorite Brocante in Rouzan
a few weeks ago:

"L'été remplit sa grange, affaisse ses greniers;
L'autone d'un doux poids fait gémir ses paniers;
Et les derniers soleils, sur les côtes vineuse,
Achévenent de mûrir les grappes paresseuses."

Citation de l'abbé Jacques Delille

It's basket time....

'Presentoire de lavandre'  - Provence  -  Lavender basket

'Van'  -  Corn wing, a shallow oval basket,
 from Val d'Aoste et Savoie, France

in the size of 95 cm by 75 cm

"Le grain, une fois battu était amassé dans le van,
seconé à l'aide des deux poignées.
La balle trés légère était alors emportée par le vent."

I've never seen a basket like this one
and had to have it!

small collection of fishing-net floats

old vegetable baskets

rare in this large size and with four handles

Oyster baskets from Ile d'Oleron

a few old chopping boards

Confit pot and water- or wine jar, 19th Century
love the chipped glaze which gives an interesting texture

19th century unpolished marble morter...

...with a wooden pestle

large milk-creme-water jar, also 19th century


And I was so lucky to find...

the most beautiful  chanvre  -  linen hemp!

in amazingly good condition and wonderful natural colors...

creme white, oat meal and beige.....

real 19th Century farmers linen!


'Nappes de vendange'

tablecloths for the 'wine tasting ceremony' after the grape harvest

more chanvre


Pair of 19th Century cast iron Medici urns with remains of original paint


On my way back home from the Brocante in Rouzan... announced...
a quick visit to the village and Château of
 Michel de Montaigne

The Château de Montaigne is a castle situated on the borders of Périgord and Bordelais,
near Bergerac and Saint-Emilion in the Dordogne.
This fortified castle dates to the 14th century
and was the family residence of the Renaissance-philosopher
and thinker Michel de Montaigne.


The small village Montaigne with the nearby Château,
 just 10 km east of St. Emilion


Lord Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

February 28, 1533 - September 13, 1592

was one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance,
known for popularising the essay as a literary genre
and is popularly thought of as the father of Modern Skepticism.
He became famous for his effortless ability to merge serious intellectual speculations
with casual anecdotes and autobiography
and his massive volume   Essays   
contains to this day, some of the most widely influential essays ever written.

Built in the heart of a majestic park,
whose layout was designed by the philosopher himself,
the residence was acquired in 1477 by the great-grandfather of Michel de Montaigne,
Ramon Eyquem, a Bordeaux trader,
who thus acquired the hereditary title
of Seigneur de Montaigne
read more    here

Michel de Montaigne,
 most famously known for his skeptical remark
'Que sais-je?'   -   What do I know?

You can read The Complete Essays


"When I play with my cat,


...who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she is to me?"
Michel de Montaigne

Bon Dimanche...

Bonne Semaine a tous!


  1. Hi my friend! im so totally happy about your brocante finds! you know me allready: i love those urns, milk jar and of course the views!! and the cats :) wonderful! im so full of ideas every time visiting your blog.
    have a nice sunday evening :)

  2. You're really a lovely guy, my dear friend from Finland - akissfromthepast!
    send you a bisou from the Périgord...

  3. How beautitful, and what a treat! That chateau took my breath away.......thanks for sharing!

  4. You've got that eye, Karin!

    Très beau!

  5. All of my favorite finds...beautiful old linens, crusty urns, fabulous baskets and chipped pottery. We need to shop together. A big hug from me to you. XO, Mona

  6. I am very keen in Montaigne writings but I've never been there. Unpardonable when I live so close by. This Post should be a reminder. Thanks.

  7. Hello my dear!

    You got it! I love the urns and the pottery.
    Can we go together to the flea market one day?


  8. You're torturing me with all your wonderful finds and I could use some heavy linen hemp for two chairs. Oskar looks so cute rolling around in the sun!

  9. Such wonderful brocante finds. Je suis jalouse! And what beautiful photos. Bonne semaine!

  10. Hello Karin

    You found some awesome treasure

    I am so excited to see your images of Michel de Montaigne's home. I adore his philosophy and having just finished his book made this post so fascinating.
    Thank you so so much

  11. What a feast for my eyes. Thank you for such a beautiful post. The photos of the cat reminded me of our beloved tabby cat that recently died. Bonne semaine Karin.

  12. What fantastic finds, Karin - I'm drooling over that linen! Montaigne looks so beautiful, but most of all I love the picture of La Pouyette in your header!

  13. Oh my! That pile of linens.....Karin you are torturing me! :) That chateau is magnificent ...thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. Take care, Laura :)

  14. I want those stacks of marvelous linens AND the gorgeous urns. Your kitty is adorable as well.
    Bon weekend,

  15. Karin, you have rendered me speechless! The lines, the urns, the pottery, the baskets...a bounty of treasures. Chateau Montaigne a feast for the eyes and darling Oskar is love for the heart. I could easily spend the day on this post!