Thursday, 27 October 2011

My favorite Brocante...

...held two times a year, first weekend of April and October,
in a small town, 20 Km south of St. Emilion, in the South-West of France,

 ...surrounded by beautiful vineyards.


...a charming little town...

...with an old history

 My favorite Brocante:

Here a little tour:

"wie bestellt und nicht abgeholt" we say in German
'like ordered and not picked up'

 Benches, tables, furniture....
garden pieces....
collector pieces....

...all sort of brocante...

....everybody could find something....
chaqun a son gout

I just have a passion.....

...old locks...

...old handles,  hinges... 

...and old fittings...

...old tools...


...all old keys..

 "keys to heaven?"

...and when I discovered all these old baskets,
I was in heaven!


a suggestion of blue-and-white...


Vintage polished metal furniture ....

...industrial look... tables....

...diner services....

...dogs everywhere...

 ...hungry ones...

...and tired ones!


a lovely early 20th single bed...

...with a good quality carving...

Upholstery pieces....

...waiting for being 're-done'...

...'tres a la mode'...

...any kind of interesting Bric-a-Brac....

...and amongst all the Brocante a Parisian dealer
with some real serious pieces

...this Louis XVI. period console table, circa 1780

he also had...

 ...a pair of wonderful and unique 19th Century washbasin
in immaculate condition

Porcelaine de Paris


Time for a break...

I was lucky to had my car parked just around the corner of the Brocante,
in front of the Mairie,

a beautiful 18th Century building.

Carried a few things I bought already to the car, went for a little lunch...

...and at the next table I became a new friend... this lovely dog and her mistress,
a very nice lady who came from the Medoc for the Brocante

no question - I had to share my lunch!

bye - bye.....a bientôt, eventuellement....


A few more discoveries...

 bits and pieces of  Toile de Jouy

old linen - of course!
and a rustic  table d'atelier

South-West  confit pots



Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's postal airplane  'en miniature'

enameled stuff....

glass ware....


a real good Brocante - and my favorite one!

At the same time I also love Rouzan and the houses...

with interesting details....

and I certainly love the whole country side!

Vive la France - Vive la Rouzan!

Next post: 
A few finds and a quick visit to Michel de Montaigne
until then....


  1. Wow Wow!! It looks amazing...I saw so many thing that I could take home with all of those chairs! What a wonderful post and the charmiing place. Your shots of the grapes are de lovely!!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  2. I can see why you love going there!!! I'd be taking a truck with me!! And yet another beautiful place in France! I loved that gorgeous dog from the Medoc; what an adorable face!

  3. Oh wow, I have to admit to being insanely jealous. I love everything and wish I could visit. M x

  4. Liebe Karin,
    la vaisselle bleue-blanc et le chien et ....

    I'm in love with this Brocante!

    (and your pics!)

    Night - night!

    ♥ Franka

  5. I would have had so much fun there with all those old locks and hardware for our home they would have been the perfect match for our house. I can't wait to see what you purchased Karin. Did you take Mister B along or leave him at home?

  6. Oh Debra, no way that Mr. B would come with me for a hole day to any Brocante. He hate it! But in general he likes most of the time what I buy, as long as I don't come back any longer with heavy stone pieces, big iron urns and other 'unmanageble' pieces....

    You should tell me whenever you want old fittings..

  7. OMG. !!

    I believe I would have felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

    'Fess up! Was your van large enough on the way back? ;]

    Your list of favorites must have been taken from Pieter's master list. I was amazed as I scrolled down, continually thinking, yep, he would like that, too.

  8. Hello Karin

    What treasures await at this special brocante.

    I can hardly wait for your next post of Michel de Montagne - I read this summer,( at the recommendation of "the Hattatts" bloggers) When I am playing with my cat how do I know she is not playing with me - written by Saul Frompton, on Montagne.
    An excellent read.


  9. It would be so much fun to wander through such a brocante. I love those chairs - the armchairs in linen. So elegant.

  10. Really interesting. i'm still looking for a dining table! One of these clear oak ones. Brocantes in France are really good places for them. The area, in France, close to San Sebastian is good to.

  11. So nice pictures. I want to stay their now. I like the photos of the bed...nice one!!!

  12. Karin, You focused on all the things I love...what fun to go along with you! Just beautiful. Great post!!! ~Jen

  13. Karin,

    My blood pressure went up from all the excitement! I can't imagine shopping there..I would have to purchase a container and I know I could fill it up with no problems! The baskets, the copper, the furniture, of course the textiles, the locks and keys were amazing! I have buckets full of English and American skeleton keys, old rusty, crusty tool, hinges, ...mainly American and none with the age I'm sure the ones you showed had....but I have several art projects waiting in the wings! Can't wait to share with you...another leg of my business! The keys and locks and handles were spectacular....I really don't have words to describe how beautifully incredible it was. The atmosphere, the much inspiration....I will share a blog later with picks of our little vineyards comparison to the french countryside! But still pretty! You amaze me! Hugs, dear friend!

  14. Absolutely fabulous Karin. Like Martha, I too was having heart palpitations when I saw your images. In my mind I had furnished the whole of My French Folly. I wish I were going to be in France for this Brocante next year! Rouzen and the surrounding country side looks like "beautiful too. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Karin.

  15. Be still, my beating heart! I was breathing more heavily with each photo as I scrolled through this delightful post. I think that a "container" would be necessary to carry home all that touched me. I have some ancient keys and locks and more French linens than sanity allows, but.... I just about died when I saw the room of linen, gasp! C'est mon péché mignon!

    Karin, you have given me a target for another trip. I will be in Paris on Friday and sorry that I missed this brocante by only a few weeks.