Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A southern aura..... and Simplicity

Our  'Gite'




...with Olive trees.
When we planted them about 10 years ago they were small shrubs
which have developed into trees,

 an olive grove 'en miniature'...

....giving, depending on the weather, a fair amount of olives.

 Chamaerops humilis

Dwarf fan palm

Lavender, of course....!


...are already fading away because of the unusually hot dry weather at the moment!

It's cooler indoors....

part of the living area...

...simply furnished;
the loose covers are made of old linen sheets
which are very practical because they can be washed in the highest temperature without shrinking!

The 'remains' of what was originally the old bread oven from the 18th century.

"avoiding any 'clutter'....."

Some modern pieces....
and a  few Antiques here and there....
Pair of 1940's Italian metal sconces

A French Louis XVI. mirror, ca. 1790-1800, in one of the bed rooms

part of the master bedroom...

 ...with a large and highly comfortable double bed

Here as well....simple, fresh and airy.
All curtains made of old French  'fil de lin Draps'.
A modern cupboard of which the interior shelving, the ends and the back came from Ikea.
The doors which we had specially made by our local ebeniste I  lined with linen hemp.
Sea-grass carpet throughout.
- all natural -

19th century French garden tables on each side of the bed 
which I painted in a metallic gold and then patinated.
The lamp bases are made of a pair of American silver vases from the 1920's
and the shades are hand made and painted.
Early 19th century French doors which we bought before the restoration
and the openings were built to fit these doors.

Bathroom with a large 'walk-in-shower' area,
walls and sink finished in a kind of 'tadelakt'


Fully equipped kitchen

again - just simply furnished with a late 18th century French table, 
late 19th century English chairs, and the built-in units give a contemporary touch.

 outside next to the kitchen door wonderful flowering Oleander

A simple bunch of wild flowers on an 18th century Swedish side table
and in front of a French wrought iron mirror from the 1920's,
is welcoming our guests at their arrival.

A French 'garden ensemble', around 1900


Lavender, Phormium, the palm tree...

 Chamearops humilis....

...olive trees,
and a herbal border....

 ...with its mix of captivating scents, here of Rosemary,

 different varieties of Sage....

....which all together provide around the pool a southern feeling.

Our Gite is one of our old limestone outbuildings, dating from the late 17th century
and has been enlarged and carefully restored by us, maintaining all traditional features.
The original character of old stone houses in the region has been retained,
but now allows for today's standard of comfort.
The interior has a simple but charming country elegance with a contemporary touch.
It offers simplicity and charm for those with eclectic taste
who want a traditional holiday home with the convenience of modern living
and something more extra special.

La Pouyette - an invitation to re-discover the real 'art of life',
a recipe of bien-etre and taste; too often forgotten in these days.

Our Holiday House was featured in the German magazine Wohnen Traeume


More about the restoration and history in a future post.

Bonne Semaine!


  1. Wo ist es schöner?
    Drinnen ... draußen ...

    ein Traum im Périgord
    einfach ... einfach sehr geschmackvoll

    a master piece of good living

    Lieber Gruß!

  2. Your gite is fabulous...is it for rent?
    Julie x

  3. Hello Julie,
    yes - it is for rent!
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    Greetings to England from Périgord,

  4. Dear Karin, I love it. There is nothing simple about it. It is beautifully decorated with restraint and perfect harmony. Very, very special!
    We are still planning on coming for a visit next year.

  5. What a stunning place you have created, Karin. Anyone would be in heaven to be with you on holiday. I am simply delighted you have shared this with us. Someday, I will be in Perigord !!

  6. Oh my Karin - what a spectacular home!! It is really just beautiful - you have done a magnificent job!!

  7. This is breathtaking! A true oasis!

  8. Très joli gite Madame! Je viens grâce à Marsha de SPLENDEROSA.....mon Dieu, c'est si beau! Je suis en train de convertir ma petite maison à la française. Votre style de décoration me plaît bien et j'ai des meubles assez semblables aux vôtres...magnifique tour! Anita

  9. Come on, Karin! This is what one sees in magazines and it is yours!! OMG.

    I agree with what everyone has said! And it puts our next vacation in France into a whole different light. If we could rent this and also meet you....

    I am excited!

  10. KArin, your french place is absolutely amazing - exactly how a gite like that should look. Gorgeous place I love it (and want to visit too).
    A xx

  11. Dear Karin, this is truly a dream house. The 'simplicity' is deceptive, because there is so much attention to perfection in the details. Lucky, lucky guests who stay here! Like other commenters, I also dream of coming to stay one day ... I guess it must keep you very busy too, and I'm wondering when and where you take a holiday yourselves.
    Thanks for another beautiful and informative post.

  12. Perfection is the only word I could use. I love everything . Kathy

  13. Karin, your holiday house is so beautiful. We would love to spend time there. The pool is just what we need right now...having a heat index in the mid 100's the last couple of days. The living area is so inviting and perfectly designed. Hopefully we will be able to visit the Perigord! XO Angela and Renee

  14. Beautiful Karin, your guests must be thrilled when they arrive here. Just love your antique pieces. Do we know how many you can sleep?
    viele sunny grusse aus Normandy!

  15. Hi Sharon,
    2 Bed rooms, one with a large double bed, the other one with two single beds.
    Up to 4 people.