Wednesday, 6 July 2011

That's French....

....that's life

...on our weekly market

..... I wonder what he 'wonders'.....


Et bonne semaine


  1. O ja über den Markt bummeln, ein Stück Käse versuchen - einkaufen - sich am Olivenstand verführen lassen - die leichte Sommerluft unter Platanen und nach dem *ÜberdenMarktschlendern* noch im *Tabac* ne Zeitung holen (und früher auch Zigaretten selbstverständlich Gauloises) und dann ins Café auf ein kleines préssion oder einen café crême!

    Ach wär das jetzt schön!

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. FABULOUS POST!! Thanks for my daily 'getaway" oh how I would love to be there right this minute taking in all the sights and smells! I love the power of pictures and you did a beautiful job here...thanks!

  3. Karin-
    Is that your new car? Nice! ;]

    I just love fresh markets. So much potential.
    In Holland, we traditionally get the bits of fresh fried fish. And always Dutch french fries to go with the fish and fruits and veggies.

  4. Beautiful post. Very refreshing and excellent photography - thanks for the escape

  5. That guy is thinking the same thing I am..wish that car was mine! Love the outdoor market, are they there daily or once a week? We have the same thing here daily but you have to run from town to town, love it.

    I'm having a one-year blog-a-versary giveaway of a small tapestry pillow!

  6. Would love to walk around and browse at the market. Looks like wonderful items. Wishing you a great day.

  7. I feel like I have just been out on a beautiful adventure to a French market!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks Tina from 'the enchanted home'! You give me always a get-away, just a bit more luxurious!

  9. To Helen Tilstone,
    thank you for your lovely comment and for visiting and following my blog! Very much appreciated.

  10. Debra - Aquired Objects,
    Congratulation to your one-year-blogging!
    Hope that everybody is reading your recent post, leaving a comment and hunting for one of this wonderful pillows!
    I left already my comment!

    And yes, I was probably thinking the same about that wonderful car!!!!!

  11. T.@WhatWeKeep,
    Thank you very much for your comment and for visiting and following my blog!
    Very pleased that you like this post about real French life on the country side!

  12. To everybody:
    Our local farmers market, as shown, is ones the week on Friday in our little town Riberac, well known as the best one in the region, and just 5 minutes drive from were we live.

  13. Renee from 'under spanish moss':
    You're wellcome to our region, maybe one day....

    Also best wishes to you and Angela for a great week!

  14. Oh Ann, I would wish that this car is mine! It was parked just in a little side road next to the market which means that somebody went with it to do the market-shopping. I wouldn't mind....

  15. Love the pictures of the quaint market. So charming and lovely!

  16. I would love to be strolling through that market and feeling the authentic French flavor. I love seeing all the faces and the variety of things the market offers. Your photos are wonderful and I feel like I am standing next to you...enjoying every minute!
    I also loved your post a few days ago about all the old homes. Gorgeous and I love the passion that goes in to restoring them. Beautiful posts. Thank you!

  17. Oh Karin, your previous post on le Périgord Blanc had me speechless at the beauty of your countryside and homes, and now this one has me filled with envy! How wonderful to live in a culture and society that values fresh, good quality food so highly. And like you, I wouldn't half mind having that vintage car! Well, we can dream of having it all, can't we? Thank you for these little tours around your incredibly beautiful part of the world xx

  18. Karin, I forgot to mention that I linked over to you at the end of my current post.