Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy Birthday Jil Sander!

Heidemarie Jiline 'Jil' Sander  
(born 27 November 1943)  
minimalist German fashion designer and the founder of the Jil Sander fashion house. 
She was listed as one of the fifty best-dressed over 50s by the Guardian in March 2013. 

Jil Sander’s journey has been one with many ups and downs, as well as ins and outs. 
She founded her company in 1968 and went on to become a prominent minimalist in the 1990s, 
alongside Helmut Lang and Prada.

In 1999, Prada bought a 75 per cent stake in the company, 
but Sander left just six months later due to business conflicts with Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli.

She made a short-lived comeback in 2003, 
but left again the following year because Bertelli wanted to move the brand’s focus 
from clothing to accessories, against Sander’s wishes.

Raf Simons was hired in 2005 and left in 2012, 
when it was announced that Jil Sander herself would be returning.

Last month it was confirmed that she’d be leaving for the third time. 
The brand’s fall-winter 2014 collection will be designed by an in-house design team 
and presented at Milan Fashion Week early next year.


So what now? 

 Jil Sander celebrates her 70th birthday today.

 It’s not unusual for a designer of that age to be active in the fashion industry 
(Karl? Giorgio? Oscar?) 
but maybe the ideas don’t come as easily as they used to. 
She’s probably too jaded to get the same rush from the fashion industry, 
which isn’t exactly surprising for someone who has done so much, 
seen it all and done it all.

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  1. wow she looks fantastic at 70 !! I will go and have a look at your other posts now...Gail x