Monday, 21 January 2013

A winterly "cat intermezzo"... Oskar

Not all that amused to be out in the cold....

...just about willing to pose for a few snap shots



But -
enough is enough, enough!

 Back to the warmth of the house,

and back to comfort...
by occupying our large sofa and my favorite old English blanket...

....of which he has to be chased-off 
due to my own comfort


Then... moving around...

from here...



...he found the right spot, comfortable enough to snuggle-up
without further 'disturbance'.

The right place for...

Snoring - Purring

Dreaming and having in his ear the music of

Mozart's concerto 20 in d, K. 466 - 2. Romance

performed by Friedrich Gulda,
Oskar's - and my - favorite musician for Mozart's piano sonatas and concerts.

about the time when he was little...

...just 2-3 weeks old....(mother had disappeared)
 and still together with his two sisters and a brother.
6 years ago...

The time....

 when I've "calmed" them down with
piano music by Friedrich Gulda and Mozart

Oskar (on the right) with his sister Ottilie


 By the time I'm writing this post,
we are both listening to the music, remembering the "old days",
 "His Highness" is just soooo....


"unhappy" as ever!

purr - purr - purr....


by the way:
Winter - Oh winter...

snow at La Pouyette yesterday....
...this is how it looks today!

Grey with rainy and stormy "intermezzi"...


  1. Hello Karin

    I love the pictures of Oskar. He fits in with the scenery whether an outside or inside shoot. His markings are beautiful and I love his attitude. He deserves the best and believes he is entitled. (or am I making assumptions?)
    La Pouyette looks wonderful under a blanket of snow

    Helen xx

  2. His eyes are beautiful - as is the landscape at La Pouyette!

  3. What a beautiful little cat! Oskar seems to be quite a character.

    I hope you have a wonderful week,

  4. So nice to drop here from time to time. Always so comfortable, nice atmosphere, peaceful colours and thoughts.

  5. Dear Karin, Having met Oskar only last Fall I'm so happy to see the pictures of him when he was a little guy. He is a very handsome fellow. Your photographs are wonderful. Oskar would make it big in Hollywood. He is ready for his close-up.
    ox, Gina

  6. Your beautiful images of cheeky Oscar pull at my heart strings by reminding me of our much loved cat, Tiger. They could be the twins. Unfortunately Tiger has gone to heaven and we are cat-less because my husband now sneezes when he is in the vicinity of felines.
    The weather in your corner of France appears to change extremely quickly. It is difficult to believe that there is only a day in time between the 2 images of your garden. Take care. Bisous

  7. Oskar has really made me start my day with a big smile!!
    How good he is to go out at all - my Toby refuses to set foot outside when there's snow, he considers it completely out of the question!

  8. Oh Karin,
    Oskar is beautiful ....... we had 3 cats ( all gone now I'm afraid ) and they loved the snow although, they didn't stay out too long and, just like your Oskar, were back inside to find a warm and cosy place to sleep !!!! ......... and how gorgeous is that photograph of them all as kittens ?
    It is still thick snow and freezing temperatures here in the UK ..... stay warm Karin. XXXX

  9. Oskar is just like my daughter's Oscar!

  10. I love Oskar Karin and he seems quite happy with everything in his little kitty life. You live in such a beautiful place even when it storms.


  11. Oskar is a very happy kitty who seems to enjoy exploring and then getting cozy in the warmth of his lovely home. I love that you take us on his explorations! He is a beautiful kitty. Also, thank you for your previous post of the antiques fair. I know several of the dealers and would love to be at the show.

  12. Hello Karin,

    What can the life of a cat be hard...
    I want also thank you for the last comment on my blog, it's very important for my and I think I will follow your advice.

    Greetings from a snowy Belgium

  13. Oskar is such a beautiful cat! He is very similar to my own furbaby Oliver, who is going through a rebellious stage at the moment. I think perhaps I too should try a bit of classical music to calm him :-)

  14. How wonderful to see Oskar when he was a kitten, and in his growing up phases, and now ---
    so photogenic. And doesn't he know it!
    When it comes to the snow, though, he has the right idea: enough is ENOUGH.
    Watching outside from inside, and listening to Mozart, though --- that's a different story.