Friday, 17 August 2012

'a mini performance....'


Well done guys!  Well done London!


Bon Weekend!


  1. Yay ...... Team GB did so well and I think that we presented the Olympics so well. Our daughter had a mini cooper until someone crashed into her and wrote it off !!!!
    ............. and, thanks so much for your support and always commenting .... I have been a little absent ever since I got my new MacBook Pro ........ it is taking a little getting used to !!!! Hopefully I am getting into the swing of it now. Much love. XXXX

  2. Dear Karin, BRAVO! WhatFun!

  3. Hello Karen

    I love this short video. I had not seen it. I loved the Olympics and miss them, they were uplifting.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  4. Very well done !!!
    See you in September, 1st Tuesday for BIO.
    I think the theme will be fabulous for each of us.
    Sending love, Karin...

  5. I'd not seen this - how sweet!! Yes, well done indeed - I have felt proud the last few weeks to be half-British :)))

  6. Hihi that's so good !! Have a nice weekend ! Gail x

  7. Love the pics below - good to discover your blog!

    Pomona x

  8. What a neat video! That was really fun --- and how clever to have pulled it off.