Monday, 27 August 2012

I love August...

...when high summer-hype is over,
the main bulk of holiday guests gone....

time to relax...

and to chill-out...



This is the time when our Hydrengeas turning...

...into a multitude of color shades....

The time for...


...with family...

...and friends


Time for reading and "day dreams"....

"In August"

Heat urges secret odors from the grass.
Blunting the edge of silence, crickets shrill.
Wings veer: inane needles of light, and pass.
Laced pools: the warm wood-shadows ebb and fill.
The wind is casual, loitering to crush
The sun upon his palate, and to draw
Pungence from pine, frank fragrances from brush,
Sucked up through thin grey boughs as through a straw.

Moss-green, fern-green and leaf and meadow-green
Are broken by the bare, bone-colored roads,
Less moved by stirring air than by unseen
soft-footed ants and meditative toads.
Summer is passing, taking what she brings:
Green scents and sounds, and quick ephemeral wings.

-- Babette Deutsch


August - my favorite month of the summer

I love it...


Babette Deutsch

Poet, novelist, editor, and critic Babette Deutsch was born and lived much of her life in New York City. 
She began to publish poems in journals such as the New Republic while a student at Barnard College, 
where she earned a BA. 
Two years after her graduation, she published her first poetry collection, Banners (1919). 
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  1. August is my favorite month of the summer as well. The pace of the season seems to slow, and I have no qualms about sitting back and enjoying some lazy days. Have a good week, Phyllis

  2. Dear Karin, Great pictures. Looking forward to seeing you soon. It's obvious that Oskar is well again. ox, Gina

  3. Hello Karin

    Your images are spectacular and I love the hydrangeas when they change colour. I loved Babette's poem and you music has me dancing around and being creative.

    Many thanks and have a glorious week
    Helen xx

  4. This is a simply gorgeous post, Karin! Your photos are so dreamy and evocative - I love especially the ones at the pool, reading in the doorway, and of course Oskar on your beautifully laid table. You've got to love a cat who so clearly appreciates the finer things in life!! I wish you all three a wonderfully relaxing end-of-summer xxxxx

  5. Beautiful images... just found your beautiful blog , love it. I will visit often.
    Ciao for now

  6. Lovely post. August is for relaxing now that the garden work is slowing down. co Jenny

  7. Hallo Karin

    Wir sind Augustkinder!

    Deine Bilder erinnern an Urlaub, den Duft von Rosmarin und Lavendel in unbeschwerte urlaubstage.
    Conny aus Hamburg

  8. You look like you are living in one of those wonderful French films set in the country --- in August!