Friday, 4 May 2012

Short Garden Update...

Two and a half days of sunshine
and a bit of warmth....

 ...what a 'development'!

But she has lost her beautiful original     here

also shown in  Trish's (Trouvais)  wonderful post     here

it looks like now it is completely white...

...don't know what to do!

 And the rain is back......Oh my!



Clematis 'Jackmanii' ...

...also faded...

Finally...our 'back-wall-rose'

...lots of buds...

Bon weekend!


  1. Isn't it amazing what the tiniest bit of encouragement will bring?
    Bon weekend Karin! Hope that you have some sun...

  2. They are still so beautiful Karin...and the promise of sun is sure to bring more color and a lovely garden over the next few weeks! Happy weekend! :)

  3. What a beauty! And Chopin ...
    Thank you.
    Good weekend!

  4. Dear Karin, Your beautiful tree peony in all white is just as beautiful as when it has more color. You say you don't know what to do. From the pictures it appears that some of your plants lack iron (caused by too much rain). Whenever you see darker veins within a leaf it can usually be corrected with a little extra nourishment. Fish emulsion also works for me. Very diluted and poured directly onto the leaves will do wonders almost overnight (little tricky with Oskar around and it might invate cats from your neighbors). Wishing you lots of sunshine and a great weekend. oxoxox, Gina

    1. thank you very much Gina! it makes sense, will definitely try....
      but - we also have a very poor soil - just lime, lime and rocks!

  5. The white tree peonies look like elegant wedding dresses. So pure and full.

    Sounds like Gina has a good idea! I'll tuck that away for our next rainy spell.

  6. So beautiful! Bon weekend to you too!

  7. It may have turned white but it is stunningly is the clematis.

    Have a lovely weekend and hope that you have sunshine for your flowers!

  8. Hello Karin

    Your garden exudes joy and every day there must be big changes. I, too, like the white peony. I would like it in any colour. I love clematis too.
    Can't wait to see the roses when in bloom
    Your garden and home is spectacular.
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

  9. I love Paeonia Trees, and am waiting with baited breath for mine to open. Only one has opened so far, a bright yellow Ludlowii. I love your white one, and wonder, like you, what has happened to it's centre. Perhaps it will come back another year. In the meantime just pure white is magical, like a ballerinas tutu.

  10. The white peony is beautiful. I love Rosemary's comparison to a ballerina's tutu! Peonies are glorious in any color. I'm sure Gina is on the right path suggesting a little fish emulsion. Your entire garden in wonderful and I hope you will be having lots of sunny days ahead. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  11. You don't know what to do???!!! Enjoy it!!!!! We can't grow those here..... Even the ones not at their peak look great to me,,, lucky girl!!!!! I am living Peonies through you and Trish!!!!!! xo Maryanne

  12. They are so gorgeous!! Probably something in the soil or lack of; I know that is how hydrangeas have different colors! I love the white!

    I have featured an Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  13. Sublime - that's all I can say! Francesca

  14. I love the white peony... so stunning... Your garden is superb and I can't wait to see your roses... xv

  15. Enjoy that white peony - so fluffy and full! Your roses will certainly not fade and will be stunning with your ample rain and cool evenings... can't wait to see!

    Oh, and I think that Oskar would love to have the fish emulsion on the flowers...


  16. C'est très élégant le blog et j'adore tes photos. A trés vite!

  17. Hello my dear,

    Your peonies are fabulous!!! And I love the music of Chopin.
    My peonies are still smal for the moment because its to cold for the moment :(

    Have a wonderful week

  18. What a beautiful blog you have, I am looking forward to looking through your archives. And your Tree Peony is stunning.

  19. I haven't been by in a while and I can tell I have been missing out! Your pictures are lovely - I especially loved how you captured the rain (dew?) on the leaves...beautiful and lush!

  20. I would cut her and bring her inside to see the pure white beauty she has become.