Saturday, 12 May 2012

MB-Monogrammed Linen for sale - and Roses for the Weekend

As we've lost so many of our precious and beloved shrubs
due to the ice and frost in February
and as I was also very concerned about our "Back-wall-Rose" -

I'm more than happy now!

Friday last week...

 two days ago - on Thursday...

yesterday on Friday...

 ...and today, on Saturday....

What a difference a few days made!

and the perfume of this old fashion rose....

....Oh my!


***  For sale  ***

Because of my several linen posts I had, and still have, numerous inquiries.

  An online shop is in my plan, but this will take some time...

So, I thought about it and decided to put some old linen for sale on the blog
during this month of May.

And like to start with
this charmingly monogrammed  Linen Drap

French linen Drap - Over sheet
  in a heavy quality and very pleasing off-white color tone
circa 1900-1920
Size: 70" wide by 114" long

 the weight of 1,85 Kg  - an evidence of good pure linen quality
- not  métis - not a cotton/linen mix/blend -
with a charming and very large hand embroidered Monogram with little "lilies of the valley"
in the size of  8" high by 7,5"  wide
There is also a hand embroidered row of drawn work
Price including shipping/postal cost:  145 Euros
~~ payment via PayPal ~~


A charming and attractive piece of antique country linen,
suitable as a bedspread, a "throw" on an upholstered chair or small sofa,


and certainly very pleasing to sleep under, particularly in summer....

Please email me for any further info:  contact

see also my post about monogrammed linen


Wish you all a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!

Thank you all for your lovely comments regarding our garden and.....


  1. Dear Karin, Stunning black rose and lovely linens. Your photographs are beautiful. So happy you didn't lose your beautiful wall rose. Will it be blooming again when we come for a visit in the Fall? Happy Mothers Day.

    1. Gina, this rose starts flowering normally in March and flowers until late October! Normally....:) So, hopefully there will be still some roses to welcome you!

  2. I love that monogramed linen on the chair is it still for sale?
    Chris :o)

  3. It is so distressing when our beloved plants become victims to the weather. Your rose is stunning with evidence of lots of lovely new growth. As for the linens - I wish they were mine, but currently I'm pouring money into getting My French Folly liveable and can't turn my mind to much else.

  4. Oh dear Karen, we are still counting the plants we lost to the winter cold - way too many! Your roses are really stunning, how wonderful that they flower all through the summer

  5. So happy to see that your roses are blooming! Hooray! And that drap is so beautiful--the embroidery especially!
    Bon Dimanche!

  6. Wie schön, dass diese Rose wieder blüht!

    Wer wohl diese *M* *B* war?
    Herrliches Leinen!

    ♥ Franka

    1. Ich wuerde mal sagen "Madame Bonaparte" :) :) :) - liebe Franka!

  7. An online shop? How exciting Karin! I can't wait! Your roses are stunning and I'm going to have to check out that variety for my rose garden and see how it will fair here. Happy Mother's Day to you Karin, you're Oskar's Mom. Enjoy your day!


  8. What a gorgeous rose! Your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing. I eagerly anticipate the online shop! All best, Phyllis

  9. Beautiful roses and what a lovely site against the stone wall.

    The monogram on the linen is gorgeous....looking forward to your online shop!

  10. Your rose is exquisite! I am so happy to see you didn't lose it to the harsh winter. Mother Nature is amazing! The linen is beautiful beyond words. I am looking forward to your online shop.
    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day...we are all mothers to/either children, pets and at some point even to our parents(sadly)so Mother's Day is for all women. xx

  11. Karin ~
    A belated Happy Mother's Day to you! As always, your garden and roses are beautiful! I hope this finds Oskar well, as well! Looking forward to spending time drooling over your website! :)

    Blessings Friend,

  12. Hello Karin,

    Ooooh, your roses are exquisite! I'm so happy for you! And I'm looking forward your online shop :)

    Thanks for shariing al this beauty

  13. Des roses qui embaument tout mon écran, tôt ce matin... Un véritable bonheur...
    Vos draps sont absolument très beaux.
    Gros bisous