Sunday, 8 January 2012

I have been awarded .....!

....and it is now really high time to pass the awards on.

Just before the end of the year
I received this award....

from Debra

Acquired Objects   here

What an honor!  Thank you so much Debra!


Now, to accept this award I should list 5 things about myself, that others might not know;
but what can I say ???

1. I'm not a good writer and to be honest I actually don't really like writing.
It is not because I have no ideas,  it feels like a giant monster of a block
placing itself between me and my story, which is a plague sucking my creative energy.
Thanks god for the .....dots...... What would I do without them....:)

2. I'm hopeless with all the technical computer and web language,
Gadget, interface, html, URL, etc...  A "mine-field" for me, and it took months
for example, to find out how to copy-and-paste, create a link and to insert a video!!!
But I have to admit that I'm rather impatient...sometimes...with some things...

3. I like to act spontaneously
4. I love the animals, they hardly never argue or contradict me  :) :)
5. I would like to have sometimes a 30-hour-day or a 10-day-week or....
just more time to spend


 To keep this award going, each recipient should
recognize five deserving blogs who have less than two-hundred followers.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
2. Choose five blogs to nominate and let them know by leaving a comment
3. Request that the chosen blogs pass the Award on to their favorite five
4. Copy and paste the award on your blog post
5. List five things about yourself......


So,  "The Blog on Fire Award"
 I would like to pass on to:

Heather  - Lost in Arles    here

Martha - Authentica Classics  here

Olga from Russia
Vintage Cards - Forest House - Home & Mood

Elizabeth - Eiffel Tells  here

Gail - Where the moon sleeps  here


And - would you believe - this award I received as long ago as in October!


also from dear Debra


My goodness! Where is the time gone....

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to also pass 
 this award on to:

Fay - A Melange et Moi   here

Maggie from Poland - Kalinki Summerhouse    here

Dianne - YONKS    here

Franka -  Meine Dinge    here

 Bee Bonne Belle  -   here

and last but not least:

Jaqueline - Jaqueline@Home    here

I hope you'll have time to visit all these
beautiful and interesting blogs!

And wish you all a lovely Sunday and a good start to the week.
A bientôt


  1. Karin! Oh hooray! I am so delighted! Thank you very, very much! And I was so happy to see that you also passed the award on to the lovely Elizabeth Eiffel. I will look forward to passing on the award, most certainly but it will take some time to think up five things that folks don't know about me since I am so chatty on my blog. :)

    And I don't know how I missed your New Year's post. Everything about it was so great--from the first images to beautiful Goethe quote to spoiling us with so many photos of Oskar! Only you would make him such a completely stylish cage--I had predicted you would and I was right!

    Trés Amicalement,

  2. Karin,
    Oooooh,I love an award! Thank you so much sweetie, I am humbled. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am in very good company.

  3. Thank you Karin!
    I'm very happy. The title "Versatile Blogger" - sounds great! I do not know if I deserve it, but I am very grateful. I will answer as soon as I finish the cycle of posts "Zodiac".

  4. Oh Karin you are VERY kind , GRAZIE MILLE Ill have to give it some thought as to what on earth I can tell you that you dont already know !! that might be even mildly interesting! mmm Could Oskar speak for me please ??
    off to examine my brain
    Thanx Karin Fay x

  5. Liebe Karin,

    Thank you very much for this award.
    Here some flowers for you!

    Lieber Gruß!

  6. Dear Karin,
    Thank you so much for passing the Versatile Blogger Award on to me.....I'm not sure that I deserve it !! You are so kind to think of little old me !!
    I'm a bit slow at taking up the challenge of these awards, and have done so many that people might get fed up of hearing about me, but will do my best !
    Also, many, many thanks for all of your support and comments in 2011.
    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year filled with many magical moments, love and lots of fun.
    Here's to more blogging friendship in 2012. XXXX

  7. Karin! Thank you so much for the vote of confidence! What a wonderful surprise for my baby blog of 74 followers! I'm looking forward to all your wonderful blogs for 2012!

  8. Congratulations twice!! Well deserved and congrats to all the other lovely bloggers, some I know others I do not and will check out!

  9. Congratulations on your awards. They are well deserved.
    I don't know why you have writer's block! You write beautifully, your blog is beautiful and you have a beautiful spirit. Thank you for your friendship, support in France , support on my blog and for passing me the "Blog on Fire" award. I think that you have also passed on your writer's block to me too!!
    5 things about myself has me stumped...........
    Warm wishes and thank you

  10. I'm so laughing, you're just now getting to the October award???? Yep love my dots too! You are so deserving of both awards and you're really a better writer then what you think and I love your blog so keep typing!


  11. Such well-deserved awards, Karin! Your five things made me smile, and can I just say that for someone who thinks she's not good at writing ... sorry, but you write really well!
    I do love the picture of Oskar at the keyboard - in happier times, le pauvre, I hope he is recovering steadily?

  12. Cool things, cool photos and cool moments! Love the post! xoxo from

  13. Karin, thank you so much!
    Hugs, Olga.

  14. HI Karin!
    Just getting over the holidays..... Hope yours were fun.......My blogging suffered but the business was good! Congratulations on your recognition! I will try to check out the other blogs you mentioned....... xo Maryanne

  15. Isn't this just lovely, Karin !!! And, I adore some of the recipients too. Congratulations, my deserve these awards...definitely!!

  16. Congratulations, Karin! You absolutely deserve the awards. Your posts are magnificent!
    This post made me laugh because I also have to answer Debra's questions from October! Now I don't feel so bad for being so late.
    You are a fabulous writer and photographer. I don't know why you said that because you truly are a wonderful writer. I am always eager to visit you and read what you have to say. I adore your blog!
    Again, Congratulations on well deserved awards! XO

  17. Congratulations karin! I'm so happy for you!!! and also a happy new year and all the best!!!