Sunday, 19 December 2010


Abba Heitschi Bumbeitschi.....

When I was very little my mother used to sing this old song for me.  Each year, especially around Christmas, I sing it to myself and it brings back my mother to me.  It is written in Austrian dialect and does not translate very well. 

Abba heitschi bumbeitschi, schlaf lange,
es is ja dei Muatterl ausgange,
Sie is ja ausgange und kimmt nimma hoam
und lasst des kloa Buabale ganz alloan.
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum,
Abba hetischi bumbeitschi bumbum.

Abba heitschi bumbeitschi, schlaf sueasse,
die Engelein lass'n di gruess'n!
Sie lassen di gruess'n und lass'n frag'n,
ob sie des kloa Buable umanander soll'n trag'n.
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum,
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum.

Aber heitschi bumbeitschi im Himm'l,
da fuehrt di a schneeweisser Schimm'l,
drauf sitzt a kloans Engerl mit oana Latern,
drein leuchtet vom Himm'l der allerschoenst' Stern.
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum,
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum.


Und da Heitschi-Bumbeitschi is kumma
und hot ma mei Bueabal mitgnumma.
Er hot mir's mitgnumma und hot's nimma 'bracht.
Drum wuensch i meim Bueabal a recht guate Nacht.
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum,
Abba heitschi bumbeitschi bumbum.

"Sleep well......

....your little friends are waiting....."




A 'heavily modified' English version, I quite like:

I kiss your sweet little head while you're sleeping
Just a few moments more then I'm leaving
I'll miss you, my baby, it's making me cry
So I'll whisper these sweet words instead of good-bye
Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum,
Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum.

There is some kind of magic about you
Can't imagine how we got by without you
You made us a family that wonderful night
Now like three candles burning 
love is three times as bright.
Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum,
Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum.

Now for just one last time let me hold you
And remember what your Daddy has told you
And if you're unhappy when I am away
To make it all better you know what you say.
Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum,
Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum.



*Image: COTE SUD December 1996

There are several different versions of this traditional song, which originated 
in Bohemian Austria (Suedtirol) in the 18th century.



  1. Dear Karin, I was surprised that I could still understand the Austrian dialect. It is so charming! And I love the angels (putti). Are they yours?

  2. Dear Karin,

    Everything about your blog is just beautiful! I have just read every post and love them all. The art, art history, the signs of the various gasthaus, the angels, the winter scenes...everything is lovely. Oh yes, and as for the reds, I like them all, the old reds and the new reds...if it's red it's my favorite color.

    I had checked on you several times to find you were "under construction" so I'm sorry about missing your first post. I wanted to be your first follower :) So very happy that you are here; you will find blogland a very nice place to be.

    We will be great friends!
    Hugs, Honey

  3. Dear Gina, ich war mir ziemlich sicher, dass Du den 'austrian Dialect' noch verstehst! Dieses Wiegenlied macht mich immer etwas melancholisch. Brings out my 'German sentimentality'!

    What do you think about the English version?

  4. Hi Honey,
    what a lovely comment! Thank you very much! I think that "Blogland" can be a rather nice 'country' to live - here and there....

    Best regards - Karin

  5. Hi Karin, the translation just doesn't do it for me but it is a lovely song in any language. Heitschi Bumbeitschi also makes me nostalgic and so do many other German Songs...Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht, Ihr Kinderlein komment, usw.