Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Es weihnachtet.........

         Draussen vom Walde, da komm' ich her.....

        und kann Euch sagen - es weihnachtet sehr....

                 Ueberall auf den Tannenspitzen....

             ....sah ich goldene Lichtlein blitzen...

       Oskar - hunting for Santa Claus...  
    ...where is he ?????

....can't wait for my presents !!!

Christmas stockings
designed by Kathy Avakian, Ojai - California
and made from genuine German grain sacks
and antique textiles

Best wishes to everybody for a lovely "Adventszeit" Karin J.

1 comment:

  1. I have forgotten dieses Lied oder ist es ein Gedicht?
    Welcome to the blogging world. Love your photographs.
    I see that you put real candles on your tree. Reminds me of old and wonderful Wheinachten traditions when I still lived in Germany.