Monday, 7 July 2014

A Review of May/June - La Pouyette - Part 2... early June

all Geraniums are potted...

brighten up "pink-fully" our porch



...started flowering

as well as...



Lots of garden work....
getting writ of thistles, nettles and others....
most of the time in company with "unhelpful"/"helpful" Oskar,
"unhelpful" in the sense of that he's not able to pull the weeds out
or using tools...etc...
"helpful" because he LOVES being outside, next to me when working in the garden, the......COUNTRYSIDE!
He's rural - like me.


However - with the help of my brother, together with one of my nephews, 
who came for a 2-week-holiday -
we've managed to get the whole garden in order and shape 
- at least to some extend!

Nephew Philip - waiting for another "Hollywood-Sunset"..

And then - when almost everything looked good, 
good and promising in the sense of "it will stay like this for a while",
 I went back with my brother for a short trip to Germany
to have a little bit of a "wallpaper-change"
(Review of it in next post)

 Returned to La Pouyette in  
late June...

...I was greeted by the beautiful Hollyhocks from our neighbour,
Monsieur Renard,
who planted them for me some years ago...

 ...just to please me!

Such a simple "Country Happiness"


I will not bore you about the "greetings" and "hellos" from all the new weeds!!!!

 Looking at the bright side:

All Hydrangeas now in full flower:

"Mophead"" ones  and  "Lacecap" ones....


Oakleaf - quercifolia



also Lavenders...

 ...already in their full beauty






the small olive trees in progress of developing  fruits...

...and with some more sun (we had enough of rain so far!!!) 
and a bit of luck
we might have a wonderful great olive harvesting this year... antique, late 19th century (ca. 1880) Italian storage jars 
are ready!

 Ready for the necessary treatment and preservation.
Uncured, olives are extremely bitter and sour tasting, not pleasant at all.
The whole process will take some time before the olives are eatable
(more about it in Autumn)

Two more Italian storage jars from around 1900

Another idea:
I would also like to bring the olives to a mill nearby us
to have my own olive oil,
filled in one or two of old wine bottles.

might you - for 1 liter of oil we need 5 to 10 Kilogram of olives!!!

  I'm probably too optimistic....

However..we'll see !

Late June....

Sunny days...


...and clouded ones...

Stormy weather....


...however the weather...

...these Hollyhocks stand tall!

 And the sunsets are dramatic and beautiful as ever....


 Goodby Spring.....

 Summer is in sight...


 Preview of next post:
 "My short trip to Germany"
 My brothers garden, 
a kind of an oldfashion Bauerngarten (Farmers garden)

Oh - by the way....
If you would like to enjoy a "flâneuring" through a wonderful  English "Spring garden",
please visit the blog Jaqueline@Home 

A garden created with care, passion and love for the nature
and - without any doubts - well maintained!
click   here


 Like to close this post with Debussy's

"Clair de Lune"  


Until then....


  1. Oh Karin ….. I cannot believe that you have put my garden on your blog. I was reading your post and looking at your BEAUTIFUL garden , thinking, I wish that my garden was like that and then I see mine there !!!! You are so lovely to do that. I just don't know what to say….. but, I send my heartfelt thanks.
    Now, back to your wonderful garden. I cannot get over your stunning geraniums, absolutely magnificent lace cap hydrangea { we have quite a few hydrangeas, including a couple of oak leaf { I think that they are my favourites} Your lace cap by the pool is AMAZING ! …. and, your lavender is stunning. Our garden is North facing so, it can be a little difficult to grow many flowers but, we get by with plants that like shade and damp.
    Once again Karin, thank you so much for including my garden in your post….. I am honoured and, many thanks for your lovely comment today.
    Have a great week and enjoy being in your beautiful garden. Much love. XXXX

  2. You created a beautiful June and it looks like you're in France. I'm crazy about Hollyhocks and find them all over Holland. Your pink flowers are gorgeous. Lots of work but it was worth it. xo Jenny

  3. Your garden is beautiful at any time of year, but certainly she shines in June. Love the hollyhocks standing so tall, and your deep pink hydrangeas.

  4. Hi Karin....oh soooooo lovely !! your garden always looks stunning and I can almost smell that lavender from here ! glad Oskar is helping ...know the feeling ..! I know what you mean about olives... I love them but I did get something from the health food shop which was from the olive leaf ...sooo bitter..supposed to be very good for you ...full of antioxidants...but wow I couldn't take it ! enjoy the sunshine !!

  5. Hi Karin,
    What a beautiful garden, particularly the hydrangea and lavender. My favourites too.
    I have so enjoyed dipping into your past posts, and am looking forward to 'keeping in touch' via our blogs.
    Thank you for popping by and for your kind comment.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  6. Looks like you are having a fabulous summer, Karin! I am enjoying your lovely garden vicariously!
    Sending all best wishes,