Wednesday, 26 December 2012

"between the years".....

"zwischen den Jahren"... an old-fashion German expression which means

"the time between Christmas and New Year"

After all festivities
this is for many of us the time for reflection,
'no rush - no hurry'
the time for having a review of the year.....
....leaving all "sweat" behind...

 For me it is also the time for watching old films,
historical ones, animated ones, "mouving" ones,
 and happy ending  fairy tales.


When I saw yesterday the wonderful film


 ...I remembered that I've discovered last year,
just before Christmas, on Trish's post   here

Beatrix Potter's

The Tailor of Gloucester

 which I had not seen before and was for me like a gift.

 I love it!

 The tale was based on a real world incident involving John Pritchard (1877-1934),
 a Gloucester tailor commissioned to make a suit for the new mayor.
He returned to his shop on a Monday morning to find the suit completed except for one buttonhole.
A note attached read, "No more twist".
His assistants had finished the coat in the night, but Pritchard encouraged a fiction
that fairies had done the work and the incident became a local legend.

part 1


part 2


part 3

part 4


part 5



 Potter sketched the Gloucester street where the tailor's shop stood 
as well as cottage interiors, crockery, and furniture. 
The son of Hutton's coachman posed as a model for the tailor. 
In Chelsea, Potter was allowed to sketch the interior of a tailor's shop 
to whom she would later send a copy. 
 She visited the costume department at the South Kensington Museum
to refine her illustrations of 18th century dress

The Tailor & Cutter journal's review on Christmas Eve 1903:

 " ....we think it is by far the prettiest story connected with tailoring we have ever read,
and as it is full of that spirit of Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men,
we are not ashamed to confess that it brought the moisture to our eyes,
as well as the smile to our face......"

For years, Potter declared that of all her books it was her personal favorite.


short trailer of "Miss Potter"


Happy Days... 

..."between the years"!


...and if you like to see details 
of some wonderful 18th century waistcoats....

....kindly visit the very interesting blog of  L'almanach désuet , one of my French readers,



  1. Sounds like a wonderful movie Karin and I like the "between the years" saying. We spent the day watching four part movie called "A Year in Provence" love that movie.


  2. Hello Karin

    I have not see the movie and have put it on our list. The book by Beatrix Potter is equally as fascinating. I have visited L'almanach desuet and signed up to follow her beatiful blog, thanks for the introduction. I love the time "between the years" it perfectly describes this week.

    Helen xx

  3. This is the time of year I spring to the movie theaters. Enno and I have been watching old westerns on t.v. and especially like Lonesome Dove. Enjoy your week. Happy New Year. xo Jenny

  4. A treasured story and wonderful fabrics.
    I saw Les Miserables'yesterday. Fabulously done!

    Wishing you a wondrous Holiday and All the best in the year ahead!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  5. What a lovely expression "between the years" is. For our family it's always been a week to relax and enjoy life - get together with friends and family - watch movies, play games. Today is Boxing Day in Canada and we're not doing too much.
    Miss Potter is a delightful movie, and I'm bookmarking the Tailor movie to watch later. We went to see The Hobbit last week, and tomorrow I'm going to see Les Mis.

    Happy New Year, Karin. Enjoy this week between the years.

  6. Dear Karin,
    Have just this minute finished watching Miss Potter ..... what a lovely film. We all really enjoyed it. Hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas. Lots of love. XXXX

  7. Hi Karin, This might be my favorite six days of the year. I am so happy to have learned this expression - which I had my daughter who studies German pronounce for me. I hope you have had a lovely week so far and I send all best wishes for the new year. I wanted to tell you that I was in a shop before Christmas that had a box of vintage Woolworth ornaments, still in the original packaging, and I was very pleased to be able to tell the shop keeper about your blog and how I learned there that Mr. Woolworth had gone to Germany and discovered the glass blowers you wrote about and imported their work to the US.

  8. Dear Karin, I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Potter as well, and love the expression "between the years" , how perfect for describing this period of time. Just a little note to let you know how much I have enjoyed your posts, so well written and researched....always something new for me to learn! I will be checking out your newest recommendation, I know I won't be disappointed! Wishing all the best of the season, N.xo

  9. Un très joli billet...

    Gros bisous et tous mes voeux pour 2013.

  10. That was such a charming movie, Miss Potter. Without giving the plot away for your readers.....follow your dreams :) Enjoy the rest of 2012, and may 2013 be happy and healthy ~

  11. Well I spent Wed seeing Les Miserables! It was marvelous. You must see it.
    Happy New Year!

  12. I would like to join you. Happy New Year! Cheers! Mona

  13. Whishing you a year full of joy and happiness with plenty of interesting new posts here!