Saturday, 29 September 2012

A successful Re-cycle!

...recycling - the process of re-using a  product 
(beyond its intended use), or producing a new product 
 to recondition and adapt to a new use or function....


A few years ago I discovered Kymberley Fraser's web site  3finegrains 
I was fascinated and more than delighted to see her unique creations
and work of antique grain sacks, German "remnants of the past".
Delighted - because I grew up in the countryside in South of Germany,
in regions were most of these sacks originate from, knowing nearly every village,
brought up for several years on farms, therefor very familiar with these sacks and their history.

of the famous antique German grain sacks
Kymberley Fraser - who innovated a "new use"
for these authentic pieces of rural German countryside history.

As I already had a large collection I felt that we both have the same
passion and affinity for these wonderful and interesting pieces.
I was deeply interested to find out how an American lady 'fell' on these sacks.

So, finally I decided to "interview" Kymberley, 
and here are her answers:

"I first discovered antique German grain sacks about 5 years ago now 
in an antique store out of state while traveling with my Mom and Grandmother. 
There was one thrown about in a booth, as if the person had no idea what a treasure this piece was. 
 I was drawn to its script and weave, and no one in the store knew anything about it 
except for the fact that it came from Germany and was once used to transport grain to and from a mill. 
When I got into the car that day to leave the store, I told my mom and my Gramma, 
"I don't know what that piece was, but I know that I'm going to find out everything I can about it, 
because I really find it to be quite beautiful"    Of course they both thought I was crazy :)

My passion began on that first day I held the sack. 
 It's feel, it's weight, it's age, it's color, the script and it's heavy print. This was only the beginning
My love for these pieces became almost an obsession once I learned the story behind 
how they were hand woven, and some artfully printed, while others were almost child-like basic. 
 The fact that they were in use for so many decades before being discarded was so intriguing to me, 
especially after learning how difficult they were to obtain.

 After spending months and months researching,

I began buying every authentic piece I could lay my hands on.
These grain sacks hold intimate stories of the German people. 
In some ways I felt the patches & darns were signs of times of appreciation and value. 
The more I learn about the history of these beautiful pieces the more in love I become."


  " I've had many German people tell me how much they appreciate what I've done by taking these special textiles that were so important long ago and bringing them to life again in a useable, yet, heirloom way....."

"I had long dreamed as an Interior Designer that someday I would have my own line of furniture & accessories 
and eventually my own store. 
 After building my collection, I decided to make my dreams a reality and launch 3 Fine Grains......"

Today, Kymberley  manufactures everything....


 ...from pillows,
to...'s ties, 

women's purses,


 furniture pieces,


...bed covers....

....and everything unique and original in between.

 And she does not waste even the smallest scrap in her creations!


The love and high attention Kymberley pays to
her designs..... to the smallest detail.... it is incredible!

....getting the proportion right...very important!. that every piece will represent its own personality and character.

Creations like sculptures!



 CHAPEAU, Kimberley!
Truly - a very successful recycling!


Just a few from my own collection:


Trossingen, Württemberg, located in the Southwestern corner of Germany,
flanked by the Black Forest and Swabian Alps mountain range.
Early traces of the Celts, Romans and the Alemanni, documents from 1,200 years of history,
 rural life in the 18th and 19th centuries

Täbingen, Black Forest

Bissingen from the Swabian Alps region, near Kirchheim a.d. Teck.
were traces of settlements from the Neolithic, the Celtic and Romans era have been found.
Alamannic graves prove the existence of three settlements in the area during the migration period.


Biedermeier Trousseau sack, Württemberg


rare Trousseau flour sacks from the Bavarian region





A Beautiful Mess Antiques

 Kymberley Fraser’s antique boutique, A Beautiful Mess, opened in October of 2010.
Located 10 miles East of Malibu, California, A Beautiful Mess displays Industrial, Primitive and European antiques, while fine oil paintings hang beside rare antique engravings, acting as portals into centuries gone by. Where antiques, design and oddities meet pure and simple elegance; blending soft European fabrics, antique vellum books, one of a kind lighting, art and vignettes to include contrasting objects which seem naturally placed. Featuring the artistic creations of The Junk Girls and Jenny K as well as the home of the 3 Fine Grains textile line. Frequented by Designers and A-List Celebrities;
A Beautiful Mess is a home decor destination for the discerning client.

Kymberley Fraser - Shop

contact:     here

Kymberley’s store has been featured in The New York Times, Romantic Homes Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Romantic Country magazine, 805 Living and repeatedly by numerous highly respected Blogs.

Located in Whizin Market Square
28875 West Agoura Road
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
T- 818.874.9092

Monday - Saturday : 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday : 12 PM - 5 PM


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  1. Wow, those grain sacks are amazing, and the store looks wonderful... I'm not far from LA County, will have to go sometime... Have a lovely weekend.
    Ciao for now...

  2. Karin you have me drooling again! You know me and grain sacks so I love this post and love getting to know Kimberly more. She does such beautiful work and I'm thrilled she's saving this endangered spieces!


  3. Karin, this is really lovely work, and her vignettes are wonderful. Our California designer, Dan Marty, is the one who pioneered this look. He has a huge shop in West Hollywood, with accessories, furniture, everything. Look him up sometime for eye candy.
    Sending love, and hope you are joining us on Tuesday for B.I.O. ???

  4. Kymberley's creative use of these historical sacks will ensure that they are appreciated for generations to come.
    Apologies for not managing to visit you last summer - I had a head on car accident within a few days of arriving in France which curtailed our activities and renovation plans. We had no internet access for 6 weeks and when we finally were online, it was very unreliable. I am now legally pursuing My Man on the Ground too! When I have some energy, I will elaborate on my summer in France.

  5. Hello Karin

    Kimberley Frazer's store is bautiful and unique. These chairs have so much charm. If I get to California soon I shall pay a visit. Meanwhile wishing her well deserved success and wishing you a delightful weekend. I have just returned from Ireland and the transition is slow.

    Helen xx

  6. The grain sacks truly are beautiful and her work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the photos and I loved your interview, it is always interesting to learn the story behind someone's passion.
    All best,

  7. Greetings Karin ~
    A beautiful post! I've never seen so many wonderful examples of antique grain sacks. I love their homespun quality and humble origin. I've always been attracted to old utilitarian objects / items.....things made for everyday use. Thanks for this wonderful interview. I first learned about Kimberley via Brooke's blog. Hope you are doing well.
    Cheers from DC!